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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

What Does it Take to Drive a Dragster Well?

By Laurie Watts

I am sure the big dawgs will give great replies to this question, but I will give the little dawg's point of view...

I have learned that just sitting in the car and driving it is not the answer. Have to become one with it, do the Vulcan mind meld thing, be one with the framerails, be one with the chassis. Feel the car; it will tell you when something is not right. I never anticipate what the car might do; I feel what it is doing and work from there. 

I did not have the privilege of learning the right way, I was told to "handle it." Just get in the car, mash the pedal to the floor, and go. NOT. That problem occurred early in my driving and it set me back. Finally, after four years, I got it handled. 

Learn right the first time. I am never afraid to hop online here and ask advice from the people who have been down the track many more times and at a greater rate of speed. Believe me, it has helped immensely. Even my 10-second ride can get out of control in a heartbeat. The chassis has to be set properly (right, Patty?) The motor has to be set at the correct angle in order for things to work well. 

Focus is key here, not only on the tree, but also on the track. I tend to lose all track of the car next to me. I look waaayyyy down the track and focus at an object past the tall end. I find that if I ever try to muscle the car, the first thing I do is get in trouble. Finesse is the key word for my car. Might be different for others.

Just some thoughts from the lil' dawg...

Laurie Watts


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