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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Fine Vintage Drag Racing in the Wine Country

Goodguys Hosts the 13th Nitro Nationals

By Goodguys

Sears Point Raceway, Sonoma, CA - The Goodguys/PAC WEST TRAILERS.COM 13th Nitro Nationals, the senior event on the Goodguys Vintage Drag Racing calendar, featured notable performances from some of the brightest stars of the nostalgia quarter mile. Final eliminations concluded Sunday, April 22, under bright sunny skies, 70-degree temps, and jam-packed grandstands.

In Top Fuel Rance McDaniel avoided heavy traffic and merged his way to a popular victory for the Champion Speed Shop team based in nearby S. San Francisco. McDaniel's had no less than three close calls in the shutdown area between last month's March Meet and this weekend's Nitro Nationals. "It seems I'm a popular guy down there I guess," joked the Fresno based McDaniel. At the March Meet, a fire balling Jim Murphy missed colliding with McDaniel by a mere two-inches. In qualifying at Sears Point, Bob Muravez came about a foot away from collecting him, and in the opening round of yesterday's final eliminations, low-qualifier Gerry Steiner blew an engine and not only barely missed Rance but oiled in both lanes! McDaniel clicked off a 6.02 to beat Steiner in round one, then ran the quickest lap of the weekend against a tire smoking Jack Harris in the semi's when his clocks rang out a 5.98 @ 224. For the final, car owner & crew chief Bobby McLennan said when asked what the car was capable of "I think we'll just go with the same tune-up and try to run another 5." It worked as McDaniel sped past a tire smoking Bill Dunlap to win going away by posting a 6.04 @ 200 mph. "We're pretty good here," said McDaniel reflecting on his other Top Fuel triumph here at Sears Point last September. "It's always exciting for us here in the final. Last year we blew the blower off and today I got oiled in at 1,000 feet and clicked it off and coasted home."

A consolation Top Fuel field was run although only five cars were alive and well for the "B" program come Sunday morning. Burlingame's Mike McLennan defeated Chino's Lee Paul Jennings in a good drag race, posting a weekend best 6.18 @ 236 in the process.

The intriguing rivalry developing in A/Fuel between Jim Paul and Sean Bellemuer only intensified here when both drivers survived a thrilling day of eliminations to meet in the final. At stake? The MBNA Bonus bucks which matches the winner's payout for a randomly drawn pro and pro-sportsman class. In a shocking opening round race with #1 qualifier Ron Attebury, Bellemuer reeled off a career best 6.52 @ 213.47 to defeat Attebury's identical 6.52 @ 213.37. The difference? Bellemuer's .427 light to Attebury's .486. In the final, Paul got the lane choice via a quicker semi-final time slip and used the ace to put the youngster "In the Bad Lane." The "Bad Lane" here is the right side of the track and it proved to be Bellemuer's undoing. Just like at the March Meet last month, Bellemuer could only watch Paul storm to the victory 6.55 to the kid's slipping and sliding 7.07. These two are the kings right now, but Attebury, making his first appearance in competition since 1978 will be heard from next month in Las Vegas.

Same as it always was at Sears Point for veteran Pro-Supercharged racer Steve Woods, the man they call "Ol' Blue Eyes." Woods devastated the field by hovering in the 6.8 zone throughout his wine country drive to victory behind the wheel of his purple "Hypocrite" '48 Prefect. Low Qualifier Dale Boomgarden only lasted to the semis in the Mallicoat Brothers show-quality Barracuda. In the trophy dash, surprise finalist Rich Roberts, who legged out a career best 7.14 in the semi's served as the shark bait for Woods. Blue Eyes grabbed the bait and thrashed it about wildly to a smashing 6.87 ET good for mucho wine and cheese. Roberts limped home with a 9.01.

The Story in Jr. Fuel was parts attrition and fresh new faces in victory lane. After five years of competition, the popular Wayne Ramay of Simi Valley got his first Goodguys hemi-Oscar by taking out other first time finalist Adam Yashuk. Low qualifier Mike Chrisman broke a driveline during the second round and March Meet champion Bill Wayne couldn't make the call for the opening round. In the all-alcohol all-injected final round, Yashuk coughed in the spotlight, red-lighting by two-thousandths (.398) sending Ramay home with the bronzed sculpture.

Anaheim's Mark Mahood is just plain good at what he does. Driving his 7.6-second Mahood's Autobody/White Eagle Motorsports '69 Camaro in A/GAS, he's darn near unbeatable. He was looking over his shoulder today however as La Grange, CA's Bob Clayton was having the best day in his 25-year plus drag racing career. Clayton's "Rat Infested" '33 Willys was flyin' with the best of 'em due to some clutch changes. Mahood flexed his muscle in the money round cutting a light (.431) and outlasting Clayton's charge 7.71 to 7.78.

Besides Ramay, the other first-time Goodguys champion today proved to be Mike Savage of Tucson, AZ. Savage, who doubles as a CIFCA funny car racer and a Nostalgia Eliminator entrant with Goodguys lasted all four rounds today defeating class kingpin Dave Rosenberg in the final. Savage's classic looking '48 Fiat muscled out a 7.67 to get the money while Rosenberg pedaled his way home to a 7.96.

Other winners at the Goodguys 13th Nitro Nationals presented by PAC WEST TRAILERS.COM included James Martin (Nostalgia II), Judson Witty (Nostalgia III), James Schwartz (B/GAS), Richard Maas (C/GAS), Ron Scholz (Pacifica) and Harold Binsfield (Street Machine).

Next up? The Goodguys 1st Spring Nitro Classic May 5 & 6 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Qualifying for Professional classes is scheduled for 11:00am and 2:00pm Saturday with final eliminations starting at 11:00am Sunday. For complete results of all 2001 Goodguys/PAC WEST TRAILERS.COM Series events, visit www.good-guys.com and www.summitracing.com.

Full Summary Results for the Goodguys 13th Nitro Nationals, presented by PAC
Sunday, April 22nd 2001

Round 1: TOP FUEL
Bill Dunlap, Capitola CA, Uyehara Donovan, Left lane, (0.676) 6.144 221.31
def. Mark Malde, Windsor CA, Stirling-KB, (0.528) 10.936 97.56

Rance McDaniel, Daly City CA, -Chevy, Right lane, (0.490) 6.020 235.82 def.
Gerry Steiner, San Jose CA, Stirling-Chevy, (0.518) 6.087 232.32

Jeff Diehl, Salinas CA, Uyehara-Donovan, Left lane, (0.549) 6.625 216.05
def. Jim Murphy, Santa Rosa CA, Stirling-Donovan, (0.412) 9.488 89.75

Jack Harris, Kaysville UT, N&P-Chrysler, Left lane, (0.527) 6.028 241.66
def. Neil Bisciglia, Kenosha WI, Stirling-Donovan, (0.349 foul) 6.749 182.08

Round 2:
B Dunlap, Left lane, (0.540) 9.318 84.52 def. J Diehl, Broke
R McDaniel, Left lane, (0.476) 5.984 224.10 def. J Harris, (0.540) 8.512 113.34

Round 3:
R McDaniel, Left lane, (0.500) 6.047 200.24 def. B Dunlap, (0.528) 11.255 71.20

Low ET: Rance McDaniel 5.984 seconds
Top Speed: Jack Harris 241.66 MPH

Round 1: TOP FUEL B
Mike McLennan, Orangevale CA, -Donovan, Right lane, (0.534) 6.481 171.25 was

Lee Jennings Jr, Chino CA, , Left lane, (0.542) 7.807 175.23 def. Lance
Osborn, Salinas CA, Stirling-Chevy, (0.538) 10.302 89.82

Kent Terry, San Miguel CA, Stirling-Rodeck, Left lane, (0.523) 6.426 222.13
def. Pierre Ponica, Redwood City CA, Tourte-Chrysler, (1.004) 24.771 24.07

Round 2:
M McLennan, Right lane, (0.509) 6.611 225.86 def. K Terry, (0.522) 8.409
L Jennings Jr, Left lane, (0.651) 6.958 151.46 was unopposed

Round 3:
M McLennan, Left lane, (0.521) 6.187 236.74 def. L Jennings Jr, (0.487)

Low ET: Mike McLennan 6.187 seconds
Top Speed: Mike McLennan 236.74 MPH

Round 1: A/FUEL
Steve San Paolo, Salinas CA, Stirling-KB, Left lane, (0.562) 6.800 201.89
def. Mark Woods Jr, Kingsburg CA, Berry-Chevy, (0.555) 11.479 66.97

Jason Richey, Pleasanton CA, Sterling-Chevy, Right lane, (0.529) 6.846 201.20
def. Kin Bates, Anderson CA, Tuttle-Chrysler, (0.459) 6.928 201.31

Sean Bellemuer, La Canada CA, Uyehara-KB/BAE, Left lane, (0.427) 6.523 213.47 def.
Ron Attebury, San Jose CA, '01 Attebury, (0.486) 6.520 213.37

James Paul, Auburn CA, Uyehara-Chevy, Left lane, (0.468) 6.611 203.65 def.
Greg Uffens, Tracy CA, Stirling-Chevy, (0.516) 6.889 203.84

Round 2:
J Paul, Left lane, (0.417) 6.568 206.81 def. S San Paolo, (0.494) 6.609 209.63
S Bellemuer, Left lane, (0.421) 6.627 210.93 def. J Richey, (0.532) 6.836 201.92

Round 3:
J Paul, Left lane, (0.601) 6.550 207.23 def. S Bellemuer, (0.410) 7.072 163.00

Low ET: Ron Attebury 6.520 seconds
Top Speed: Sean Bellemuer 213.47 MPH

Bud Hammer, Oxnard CA, Tuttle-Chevy, Right lane, (0.447) 7.653 173.86 def.
Kristin Neumann, Ventura CA, Victory-Olds, Broke

Mendy Fry, Chula Vista CA, Meyer-Chevy, Right lane, (0.430) 9.718 95.13 def.
Frank Valente, Ramona CA, Dragster-Chevy, Broke

Kelly Craig, Campbell CA, Davis-Chevy, Right lane, (0.424) 7.603 173.71 def.
Jess Gutierrez, Brentwood CA, Woody-Chev, (0.474) 8.065 165.42

Adam Yashuk, Brentwood CA, Stirling-Chevy, Left lane, (0.484) 7.606 174.03
def. Rob Morris, Santa Rosa CA, Gilmore-Chevy, (0.433) 8.517 160.96

Wayne Ramay, Simi Valley CA, JP Mtrsprt-Chevy, Left lane, (0.527) 7.624
174.78 def. Mark Maxwell, Salinas CA, Stirling-Dart, (0.423) 7.729 169.86

Stacy Paul, Auburn CA, Uyehara-Buick, Left lane, (0.491) 7.327 177.62 def.
Dan Fenton, San Lorenzo CA, -Chevy, (0.488) 7.734 168.38

Scott Parks, Burlingame CA, N&P-Chevy, Right lane, (0.521) 7.571 172.25 def.
Bill Wayne, Bullhead City AZ, JP-Olds, Broke

Mike Chrisman, Lake Forest CA, Chrisman-Chevy, Left lane, (0.478) 7.323 180.22 def. 
Alan Hull, Arcadia CA, Fuller-Chevy, (0.377 foul) 7.575 174.18

Round 2:
W Ramay, Left lane, (0.523) 7.494 176.67 def. B Hammer, (0.394 foul) 7.587 175.52
S Parks, Left lane, (0.503) 7.524 173.90 def. K Craig, (0.503) 7.527 173.18
A Yashuk, Right lane, (0.449) 7.574 174.55 def. S Paul, Broke
M Chrisman, Left lane, (0.647) 7.403 180.43 def. M Fry, (0.000 foul) 15.786 72.59

Round 3:
W Ramay, Left lane, (0.572) 7.480 177.12 def. S Parks, (0.546) 7.525 174.44
A Yashuk, Right lane, (0.447) 7.580 174.97 def. M Chrisman, Broke

Round 4:
W Ramay, Left lane, (0.494) 7.553 176.37 def. A Yashuk, (0.398 foul) 7.564 175.52

Low ET: Mike Chrisman 7.323 seconds
Top Speed: Mike Chrisman 180.43 MPH

Carl Harry, Vancouver WA, '41 Willys, Left lane, (0.439) 7.166 189.03 def.
Steve Wood, Merced CA, '53 Studebaker, (0.456) 11.390 74.87

Steve Woods, San Leandro CA, '48 Austin, Left lane, (0.553) 6.829 202.43 def. 
Mel Bryson, Vida OR, '34 Willys, (0.469) 8.096 158.44

Rich Roberts, Winton CA, '34 Willys, Left lane, (0.528) 7.159 189.12 def.
Tim Burns, San Jose CA, '41 Willys, (0.734) 8.067 175.50

Dale Boomgarden, Gilroy CA, '68 Plymouth, Left lane, (0.503) 7.009 196.48 def.
Howard Anderson, Applegate CA, '38 Chevy, (0.696) 7.016 192.97

Round 2:
S Woods, Left lane, (0.528) 6.895 202.51 def. D Boomgarden, (0.500) 7.089 195.71
R Roberts, Left lane, (0.419) 7.140 191.22 def. C Harry, (0.500) 7.176 191.32

Round 3:
S Woods, Left lane, (0.527) 6.876 203.25 def. R Roberts, (0.408) 9.010 106.15

Low ET: Steve Woods 6.829 seconds
Top Speed: Steve Woods 203.25 MPH

Round 1: A/GAS
Chris Beanes, San Gabriel CA, '51 Henry J, Right lane, (3.638) 8.018 0.418, def.
Jim Pace, Fairfield CA, '48 Anglia, Broke

Mark Mahood, Anaheim CA, '69 Camaro, Left lane, (0.448) 7.814 0.214, def.
Don Chemello, Yucaipa CA, '63 Chevy, (0.603) 7.918 0.318

Steve Castelli, Windsor CA, -Chevy, Right lane, (0.513) 8.220 0.620, def.
Larry Birdsong, Red Bluff CA, , (0.702) 8.082 0.482

Bob Clayton, La Grange CA, '33 Willys, Left lane, (0.527) 7.695 0.095, def.
Sean Renteria, Hollister CA, '62 Plymouth, (0.531) 7.782 0.182

Round 2:
M Mahood, Left lane, (0.555) 7.636 0.036, def. C Beanes, (0.526) 7.956 0.356
B Clayton, Left lane, (0.545) 7.630 0.030, def. S Castelli, (0.375 foul) 7.678 0.078

Round 3:
M Mahood, Right lane, (0.431) 7.714 0.114, def. B Clayton, (0.639) 7.789 0.189

Mike Cross, Culver City CA, Dragster-Chevy, Right lane, (0.449) 7.958 0.358, def.
Brad Thompson, Visalia CA, '23 -T, (0.666) 7.567 -0.033

DeWayne Sanders, Albany OR, 23-T-Chevy, Left lane, (0.690) 8.052 0.452, def.
Chip Beverett, Discovery Bay CA, 23-T-KB, (0.460) 7.446 -0.154

Dave Gruzen, Lakewood CA, Dragster-Chevy, Right lane, (0.494) 7.745 0.145, def.
Mike Savage, Tucson AZ, '37 Fiat, (0.449) 7.816 0.216

Dave Rosenberg, Long Beach CA, Dragster-Donovan, Right lane, (0.622) 7.474 -0.126, def. 
Lenny Hain, Rescue CA, , (0.421) 7.305 -0.295

Bobby Runyon, Jean NV, RCS-Chevy, Right lane, (0.519) 7.586 -0.014, def.
John Lenko, Bakersfield CA, Dragster-Chevy, (0.560) 7.496 -0.104

Scott Christlieb, Leona Valley CA, Porter-Chevy, Right lane, (0.401) 7.632 0.032, def. 
Steve Dickerman, Fullerton CA, Riedel-Chevy, (0.481) 7.677 0.077

Wally Allred, San Jose CA, , Right lane, (0.729) 7.753 0.153, def. 
Bob Truluck, San Carlos CA, Fiat-Chevy, (0.569) 7.957 0.357

Mike Kirby, Thousand Oaks CA, SPE-Chevy, Right lane, (0.475) 8.002 0.402, def.
Manuel Azevedo, Concord CA, Dragster-Chevy, (0.500) 8.398 0.798

Round 2:
B Runyon, Left lane, (0.845) 8.417 0.817, def. D Sanders, (0.449) 7.499 -0.101
W Allred, Right lane, (0.583) 7.591 -0.009, def. M Cross, (0.642) 7.586 -0.014
M Savage, Left lane, (0.415) 7.633 0.033, def. S Christlieb, (0.448) 7.589 -0.011
D Rosenberg, Left lane, (0.579) 7.703 0.103, def. M Kirby, (0.677) 0.000 -7.600

Round 3:
M Savage, Right lane, (0.490) 7.687 0.087, def. B Runyon, (0.488)7.531 -0.069
D Rosenberg, Right lane, (0.739) 7.915 0.315, def. W Allred, Broke

Round 4:
M Savage, Right lane, (0.484) 7.674 0.074, def. D Rosenberg, (0.613) 7.967 0.367

-Good Guys


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