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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Drag-On Jargon

By Chris Stinson

Digger Silhouette. Photo art by Chris Stinson
Digger Silhouette. Photo art by Chris Stinson

Every now and then I'll come home and tell my wife about the just-completed trip I made on the railroad. Occasionally, she'll look at me with that "far-away" look (well, not THAT far-away look -- the other one) and say, "I have no idea what you're talking about." Then I realize I just spoke "railroad" for five minutes. Like drag racing, the railroad has its own words for everything. Even things not railroad related. Drags are the same... and I love it! Imagine telling someone "uninitiated" about a race in "drag-speak." Maybe something like this: 

"Made a few passes at the local digs the other night."

"I was heads up with a flopper under the lights last round."

"After we both fogged em' in with long smoky ones we, lit the bulbs together and the tree started down."

"He strapped a gate job on me, but I think he dropped a hole about 900 feet out."

"We were wheel to wheel approachin' the lights when the huffer sneezed on my slingshot and it started throwin' parts."

"Just past the first eye in the traps, I hung the laundry out and grabbed the binders."

"Turns out we hung a valve and the old elephant started mixin' em up. Pitched a couple of rods outta her and holed the block, but I think we can window it." 

OK, now someone else try one. Heck, we're all bound to hear a term we haven't before. Letís create the Drag-speak Dictionary!

Chris Stinson

Letís hear YOUR Drag-speak paragraph! Send it HERE and we will attach it to this story! bp

Here's Tom Howell of the Blue Chip alky Funny Car team: 

Ran out to 100 feet, rattled 'em hard, so he punched the button early and ran it through. It had to kill a couple of tenths. LOL. Had to say this way too many times! 


Here's bracket racer Mike Sawyer:

Here ya go, from a Super/Rod class perspective...

I was pulling up to the beams after the burnout when a cloud came overhead. Tree was dark so I rolled five more in the box just to be safe. I prestaged and cleared it out and waited for him to stage. He dove it into the beams so I knew he was guessing. I bumped it in, tickled the second bulb, put it on the chip and let go on the flash. Both green, but I knew I grabbed a couple hun out of the hole. His stop turned off first, then mine, chasing him down, had at least 5 MPH on him, pulling hard, rolling up on him, gave it a double womp and pulled up a seat taking about double-oh-eight on the stripe. Win light's on, got the slip and went ten on the tree and ninety with an egg. Pushed him under by one. Better dump some numbers in before next round. That's only if I feel like dialing honest...


Mike Sawyer (siracing@siracing.com)
Sudden Impact Racing & Webmaster siracing.com
'67 Camaro- 9.31 @ 144 - 2900 lb.
'67 Nova- 9.04 @ 147 - 2830 lb.
'00 Camaro- 8.52 @ 159 - More to come!
*Visit us online @ http://www.siracing.com


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