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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Herzog Wins River City Pro Mod Shootout

by motorsport.com

MARION, Tex - Brenham, Texas' Scott Herzog took home the win and the Texas Quick 8 Championship Series points lead in front of a large crowd during the August 5th Outlaw Pro Mod Shootout at River City Raceway near San Antonio, Texas.

Herzog qualified No. 3 with a 4.319/167.66 in his nitrous powered '96 Corvette and took out the first alternate Shawn Davis in the final. Herzog took the holeshot and never looked back with a 4.332/166.23 over Davis' distant 4.703/145.48 in his blown '70 Nova.

The win moved Herzog past Bobby Booth for the points lead in the Texas Quick 8 Series. Booth hurt his engine during qualifying and was unable to compete in the race. Early season favorite Frankie "the Madman" Taylor took the top qualifying spot with a 4.220/172.21 in his Y2K Firebird that held for low e.t. and top speed of the meet, but broke off the line in the first round in his match up with Thomas Patterson, and fell back to fifth in points.


1. Frankie Taylor, Dickenson, Tx, 2000 Firebird, 4.220#/172.21@
2. Gaylen Smith, DeSoto, Tx, '94 Camaro, 4.238/166.23
3. Scott Herzog, Brenham, Tx, '96 Corvette, 4.319/167.66
4. Don Wooten, Houston, Tx, '51 Chevy, 4.361/167.66
5. Bobby Booth, Brownsville, Tx, '37 Chevy, 4.413/166.05
6. Jerry Hicks, Deer Park, Tx, '96 Camaro, 4.422/162.80
7. Jim Brooks, Round Rock, Tx, '94 Lumina, 4.468/156.19
8. Thomas Patterson, Houston, Tx, '53 Corvette, 4.504/158.50

Alternates: Shawn Davis, Lake Charles, La, Ronnie Niswanger, Mart, Tx.


8. Patterson, '53 Corvette, 5.324/88.16 def. 1. Taylor, '00 Firebird (broke)

alt. Davis, '70 Nova, 4.616/147.15 def. 4. Wooton, '51 Chevy (redlight) 4.394/165.86

3. Herzog, '96 Corvette, 4.334/166.85 def. 6. Hicks, '96 Camaro (redlight) 7.678/102.50

2. Smith, '94 Camaro, 4.459/134.36 def. 7. Brooks, '94 Lumina, 4.499/156.95.

alt. Davis 4.641/150.00 def. 8. Patterson 4.689/133.72

3. Herzog, 4.281/165.99 def. 2. Smith, 5.442/73.54.

3. Herzog 4.332/166.23 def. alt. Davis, 4.703/145.58

#-denotes low e.t.
<br>- denotes top speed

1. Herzog 177
2. Smith 149
3. Booth 147
4. Niswanger 118
5. Taylor 101

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