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SEMA Members Urged to Take Action


For the first time in many years, Federal legislation (S. 1766) threatening the vehicle hobby industry has been introduced.

S. 1766 includes a provision (Section 803) that would FEDERALLY fund state scrappage programs for vehicles more than 15 years old -- that means popular vehicles ranging from '60s era muscle cars up through later model vehicles such as Buick T-Types and Grand Nationals, Mustang SVOs and GTs, Z-28 Camaros and Corvettes would be in danger. Those low-performance "sister" vehicles like Buick Regals with interchangeable parts to GM Grand Nationals would certainly be destroyed. The street rod industry will not be immune either, as late-model engines, suspension equipment and accessories (such as the suspension parts found on Ford Mustang IIs) often used to modernize these popular vehicles will also be lost to the crusher.

SEMA members are strongly urged to take action to defeat S. 1766. Here are a few simple things members and their employees can do to help:

* Send a letter on your company letterhead to your U.S. Senators opposing Section 803 of S. 1766. The letter need not be long. Simply express how S. 1766 will affect you, your company, and the automotive hobby. For more tips on writing your legislators, consult the SEMA document "How to Lobby Elected Officials." This guide is available at http://www.enjoythedrive.com/san To find out who your U.S. Senators are, call the SEMA Washington, D.C., office at 202/783-6007, or visit http://www.enjoythedrive.com/legislative/contact_legislator.asp.

* Personal letters from employees of SEMA-member companies to their U.S. Senators opposing Section 803 of S. 1766 are encouraged. Again, letters can -- and should -- be brief (see notes in item above) and include personal reasons why the bill would affect their lives and careers. Contact the SEMA Washington, D.C., office at 202/783-6007 for help or information.

* Share the alert on S. 1766 found at http://www.sema.org/fedleg/fedredhot/scrappage1201.html with as many people as possible, including your customers. Communicate with them the potential harm Section 803 of S. 1766 could have on the vehicle hobby, and urge them to get involved by writing letters as well.

The SEMA Washington, D.C., staff is monitoring and actively lobbying S. 1766 on Capitol Hill. SEMA members are asked to send copies of their letters to the SEMA Washington, D.C., office for their records. Members are also encouraged to contact the staff if they have any questions or need assistance in their efforts to oppose this legislation. SEMA's Washington, D.C., staff can be reached at 202/783-6007; fax is 202/783-6024.

A Federally funded scrappage program is too big an issue for each and every SEMA member not to get involved!


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