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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Let's Get Injected Nitro Front Motor Diggers Going in NHRA

By Stu Sandhaus

My name is Stu Sandhaus. I used to run an A/FD FED in the '70s (1971-'76). I ran in NHRA Comp Eliminator and then Pro Comp. It was a 180 inch Logghe car, all iron 426, Crowerglide, Lenco 2-speed. It was competitive; we ran 7-teens in 1973. We never set the world on fire; running mostly within a small radius of home (Pittsburgh, PA), but had a lot of fun with it, especially in Comp Eliminator, without a lot of breakage. You were kind enough to list my car on your list of Dragsters - Injected Nitro, a list I am very proud to be on.

I was sorry to have to quit and always wanted to do it again. Within the last few years, I'm once again in a position to go racing. When NHRA created their A/ND class, my partner (Ron Sheppard) and I decided to have a go at it. We currently have a car under construction at Dave Tuttle's shop. We are planning to take delivery in the spring of 2002 with hopes of being out by mid season. This will be a serious effort. We are planning to hit points meets, etc. (after getting the car sorted out at the local track).

Last week I spoke with NHRA Division 5 Tech Director Bob Blackwell about some rule clarifications and also questioned him about whether NHRA would adopt the new Goodguys rules for Jr Fuel for their A/ND class. He said the only way they would consider the rule changes is if they received a lot of letters from those running the class, requesting the rule change. I said that I didn't realize that NHRA took such requests into consideration. He assured me that they did. This prompted me to ask him about my "dream class": "Was it possible to petition NHRA to create a class?" He asked what I had in mind. I told him I'd like to see a FED injected nitro class in Comp Eliminator again. I went on to explain how I thought it might 'liven up' Comp.

NHRA has blown Alcohol, nitrous, turbocharged, etc., all in Comp now. I think a Nitro class would be just the thing, and that a FED injected Nitro car is a natural, not only bringing Nitro back to Comp, but also adding another nostalgia car/class to appeal to the current interest in nostalgia. He thought it was a good idea, "worth pursuing." He said "the way to do it" was to send a letter to Curt Lashure (Div 1 Tech Director and head of Comp rules committee) at his office in Warrington, PA. I should include my thoughts of what the class rules should be, why it might be popular, how it might benefit the sport, etc.

I'm going to do that, but realizing that one letter will probably not get much attention, I have decided to mount a campaign to get others to write or do whatever they can to help promote the idea. I posted on HF and have already had several guys write to me, all liking the idea and agreeing to send letters. I'm going to compose my letter and send them a copy, and they will be sending letters of their own. Naturally, I've advised them not to send carbon copies, but to express their own ideas, etc. Some of these guys have cars and are willing (and anxious) to run an injected Nitro class. It seems to me those guys would carry the most influence with NHRA. It also seems to me that if the NHRA received a pile of letters (say 10 to 15 or hopefully more), especially from racers wanting to run the class, that they might be willing to give it some consideration.

The details of the class can be figured out later. It would/could be something along the lines of: FED, injected Nitro only, pre 1974 style motors, maybe/maybe not iron engines only, 12 inch tires, a spec fuel pump, chassis, and other rules pretty much like their current A/ND.

I have never been a "campaigner-for-causes" type of guy, but if there is a chance to run a nitro car again I'll do just about anything! I'm sure that it's an extreme long shot at best to hope to have NHRA pay any attention, but I gotta take my best shot. I've started a mail list that anyone can contribute to or join. Anyone who joins will be kept up to date on the progress of this project. I'll forward copies of all related mail to the list.

To subscribe, send an email to: imailsrv@libcom.com

In the body of the email, type the following: subscribe listname your_full_name

Here's an example: subscribe afnd BillPratt

After you sign up, send email to the list at: afnd@libcom.com

Thanks and Happy Holidays.


Stu Sandhaus
AF/ND in 2003 (or '04)


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