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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Chevy II Much!

Inexpensive Funny Car Fun

By Don MacGowan

The Chevy II Much lays down a crowd pleasing burnout. Photo by Sheryl Ogonoski
The Chevy II Much lays down a crowd pleasing burnout. Photo by Sheryl Ogonoski

Here's a pic of our Nostalgia F/C that your readers might enjoy. It's a '66 Chevy II powered by a blown alcohol BBC with a 'Glide. We run with the IBAA and the NHREC groups in western Canada (7.50 index). The car is owned and driven by Don MacGowan, editor of Canada's favorite performance magazine, Quicktimes Classified. The car is aptly named Chevy II Much. I'm sure Jungle Jim would have liked this car. The picture was from the 50th Anniversary NHRA race at Bud Park in Edmonton Alberta. It was taken by Ken Sitko's little sister, Sheryl Ogonoski (sogonoski@shaw.ca). 

Here are the specs for the car: it's a hand-built '66 Chevy II body by Patrick Ellis on a 125" Chromemoly chassis with a 4-link rear suspension. We use a 9" Ford rear end, Strange axles, spool, gears, and nodular Strange center and aluminum pinion support. Power comes from a .030 over 454 with Oliver billet main caps, filled block, bored, square decked and clearanced by AMS, and an Eagle 4340 crank. We use Manley aluminum rods, Wiseco pistons, Speed-Pro rings, King anecular bearings, Mellings pump, Milodon gear drive, and a Comp Roller cam, lifters, and push rods. Sitting on top are Dart Merlin heads with 2.25/1.94 SS valves ported by Fedderly Racing heads, an 8-71 Littlefield stripped competition blower, and a Cragar intake. An Enderle bird catcher sucks the wind and a 990 pump flowed by Sean Brown from Les Davenports shop flows the fuel. Getting that power to the wheels are a transmission built by TRTransmissions, a Powerglide w/Vasco input, a steel drum, pro tree brake, and a TCS 10" Converter. 

Initial shakedown passes at Race City in Calgary yielded an 8.04@172 mph at 6200 ft factored air. We feel that with a little tuning and more aggressive driving we'll see 7.50s real, real soon. Our tune-up crew consists of Darcy Wandler, Bryan Ziegler, and Josh Darling. We are sponsored by Bo'Diddley's Pub & Grill, H-O Performance, Ziggy's Rod Shop, Quicktimes magazine, TRTransmission, IndepenDENT Paint & Body, Pennzoil, and NGK. Support staff consists of Connie Billetski and Alaina Darling.

We are involved with the Nostalgia Hot Rod Eliminator Club and the International Blown Alcohol Association. We hope to make it to the California Hot Rod Reunion in October with our car to run Nostalgia Eliminator.

PS.- Just a quick plug for our magazine, Quicktimes. We are Canada's best kept secret. We run current stories, rumors, and racing news. We also have a plethora of performance parts listings, race cars, street cars, trailers, trucks, and restoration parts listed for sale in the monthly magazine. Best of all, everything is priced in Canadian dollars. This magazine would be a godsend for most US racers as the exchange rate on the dollar is very favorable for them. Buy Canadian. It's way less expensive when your US dollars are worth $1.60 in Canada. Just a thought...

Don MacGowan


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