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Southern Fried Funny Cars:
The History of the Southern Fuel Coupes

Plus the 2000 SFC Banquet

By Robin Stambaugh

The Southern Fuel Coupes circuit was started in 1999 by Virgil Hartman to be an affordable and fun place for blown alcohol altereds and funny cars to race. SFC is a match race organization that races mainly in the Southeastern United States. The cars of SFC run on indexes -- 4.50 for the 1/8th mile and 7.50 for the 1/4 mile -- to keep the racing close and affordable. 

No electronics are allowed on these blown cars. The show is a Chicago style match race with two rounds of qualifying, followed by the two closest cars to the index coming back to battle it out for the event title. SFC provides something for everyone with different types of cars and different engine combinations.

The group enjoyed a great first year in 1999 with fierce competition for cash payouts and points. The year was a sign of things to come as more and more cars joined and the SFC name became known with fans of all ages. In only its second year and now owned and operated by Jerry Davis of Carolina Motorsports fame, Southern Fuel Coupes grew to 13 active members and had nine races. Also in the 2000 season, the decision was made to add the ever-popular Pro Modifieds to the mix of trick Altereds and Funny Cars. 

The competition became even fiercer as the drivers of these awesome machines put on tremendous shows with long side by side crowd-pleasing smoky burnouts and close side by side racing. The 2001 season already promises to be the best yet for this young group. There will be an increased number of members and a growing number of races at numerous racetracks.

In the months to come, you will be introduced to the drivers and cars of SFC as well as the latest news and race updates. Stay tuned to Draglist.com for the latest on the Southeast's best match race organization -- Southern Fuel Coupes.

Robin Stambaugh

Southern Fuel Coupes Crown 2000 Champion

Southern Fuel Coupes honored its top ten finishers at their 2000 banquet in Greenwood, South Carolina, on January 20. The banquet held at the Inn on the Square was a night of fun with great southern food, dancing, and entertainment. 

The man of the night was Jim Dickey winning his second Southern Fuel Coupes title in the "My Favorite Charity" altered. Greg Beckner finished out the year in second place with his Beckner Racing funny car. Jackie Robison driving Jerry Davis's Carolina Bandit funny car took third place honors in only his first year driving a funny car. Rick Stambaugh driving the New Generation Racing altered took fourth place and Todd Bauknecht in the Altered State of Mind car took fifth. Rickey Bowie, John Kendzior, Randall Haynes, Mark Johnson, and Alan Pittman finished out the top ten. 

Other honors given were Best Appearing Car which went to Jerry Davis's Carolina Bandit 1997 Camaro funny car. Best Appearing Crew went to Greg Beckner's team and the Sportsmanship Award went to Todd Bauknecht. Southern Fuel Coupes are looking forward to a great 2001 season. For more information, check our website at www.southernfuelcoupes.com.

Robin Stambaugh


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