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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Pro Nitro on Its Way for 2001

By Jerry Hutchcroft

I would like to submit an update for the Front Engine "Pro Nitro" series for 2001. After three weeks of back and forth negotiations, I'm excited to announce that "Pro Nitro" will have a nighttime event at famed Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, CA, on Saturday, July 21. All 4 "Pro Nitro" events will feature front engine Top Fuel dragsters and Nostalgia Fuel Altereds, plus, our very own trademarked class called Blown Bad Boys. 

BBB is open to any type or year of front engine race car. It features two separate index classes of competition, 7.20 and 7.60. The cars and drivers need to be NHRA legal and be able to compete on the appropriate index. The only real rules are no electronic throttle stops allowed. Other than that, no engine or transmission restrictions or weight breaks, etc. Well, no rear engine dragsters -- this is front engine "Pro Nitro." 

The nitro classes will compete on a modified Chicago format with 8 qualified spots open for T/F and 6 open spots for Nostalgia Fuel Altereds. ALL non-qualified nitro cars will receive a check for making at least one qualifying attempt. The amount of that check will be determined
by how many tickets are sold and by how many teams there are to pay. 7.20 Blown Bad Boy is a 12 car qualified field; 7.60 BBB is a 16 car qualified field. Non qualifiers in BBB can enter a FAST dial-in bracket for one more chance at winning.

The first "Pro Nitro" event of 2001 is "Memorial Thunder Fest" on May 26 at S.I.R. Tucson. The second event is "Hot Summer Nitro" on July 21 at Famoso/Bakersfield. "Tucson Thunder Fest" will take place on Sept. 22 under the lights at S.I.R. Tucson. The fourth and final event, the "Pro Nitro World Finals" will occur Nov. 3 at S.I.R. Tucson. This race also features the Arizona Drag Racing Hall of Fame inductions.

All four "Pro Nitro" professional classes race under our unique "Pro Nitro Partners" membership program. "PNP" basically shares the ticket sales from the event, after expenses, with the racers. If we sell close to 3,000 tickets, their payouts will be some of the best in all of drag racing for our type of cars. The ticket split is in force up to 4,000 tickets sold. "PNP" membership includes many benefits including free team passes and no race fee at "Pro Nitro" events. For more information on "Pro Nitro" drag racing, email a request to pronitro2000@cs.com.

Thank you.

Jerry Hutchcroft
"Pro Nitro"


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