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Sportsman Heaven: The U.S. Class Nationals

By Jeff Lee

US Class Nationals 2001

I am in the midst of getting out the news about the U.S. Class Nationals. July 20-22, 2001 at Byron Dragway in Byron, IL history will take place with the inaugural U.S. Class Nationals. The U.S. Class Nationals will be the first ever independent Stock and Super Stock only National Event that is open to both IHRA and NHRA racers! 

The U.S. Class Nationals will feature the biggest payouts ever for Stock and Super Stock Racers: $5000 to win and $2500 for runner up (and on down) for both Stock and Super Stock. Kendall oil will sponsor a special Saturday qualifying Quick 32 race where the quickest 32 qualifiers will run off their indexes with no breakout (similar to Comp) for $3000 for the win and $1000 to the runner up in both Stock and Super Stock. 

Saturday will also feature class eliminations in all divisions of Stock and Super Stock. Also to be contested is the new heads up IHRA/GM Performance Parts Top Stock class featuring the baddest wheelstanding cars in Stock Eliminator! For the Stock/Super Stock racers, there will be thousands of dollars in contingency money up for grabs with many of our 70+ sponsors posting contingency for the US Class Nationals! 

The U.S. Class Nationals will also feature a nostalgia match race featuring Arnie "Farmer" Beswick and his 7 second Tameless Tiger GTO. Exhibition classes also will be contested featuring: The Chicago area Outlaw Super Stock Associations 8 second wheelstanding muscle cars, and tons of Nostalgia Super Stockers from the Midwest Nostalgia Super Stock Association including the Pro Nostalgia and A/FX cars!

So if you are interested in the U.S. Class Nationals, please visit our website at: http://www.usclassnationals.com

Jeff Lee


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