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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

How to Find What You Want at www.draglist.com

By Bill Pratt

We occasionally get questions about how to access a particular piece of data at The Drag Racing List. For instance, "I have a photo that shows the driver's competition license number, but not the driver. How do I search Draglist.com to find who owns that comp number?" Here's a refresher course on how to find the info you need at Draglist.com.

There are three lists for each category:

An alphabetical list sorted by year
A list sorted (and ranked) by the best performances each year
A list of the all time best ETs for each driver in that particular class

The second two options don't include ALL the data we have on the entries. The first (alphabetical) list contains ALL the data in the following fields for each entry:

Eighth Mile ET
Eighth Mile MPH
Driver Name
Car or Sponsor name
Chassis/Body Year and Model
Driver's Hometown
Owner's Name
Owner's Hometown
Crew Chief's Name
Number of Gears
Division (I use the NHRA divisions, regardless of sanction)
Class name
License (Comp) number
Notes about the car
Year of Competition for this particular entry

That's way too much info to see on one screen of data. It's actually about three screens wide at 800 x 600 resolution. All you have to do to see the data to the right is use the scroll bar on your browser.

BUT, each file is about a megabyte big, so scrolling to find that you want is impractical on a search. If you are looking for a particular piece of info that may not appear on the first screen, all you have to do is use your browser's FIND function. On Internet Explorer, it's the Control and F keys, pressed together. A little box will come up. Enter what you want and click Find Next. It will take you to the first occurrence of that. Just keep repeating until you find what you want.

Also, don't forget that we have an on-site search engine that only looks at Draglist pages. Since we now have more than 900 pages of data, it's a MUST! The onsite search engine is at the top of each page, right under the Draglist logo. Click on SEARCH ENTIRE SITE. A box will come up. Put in what you want and click GO! Just like any other search engine, you will get a list of Draglist pages that have the word you asked for. Open each one of those pages and use the FIND function as described above to find the exact thing you need. 

This is a great way to find a driver or crewchief or owner or hometown or WHATEVER without having to scroll down through the entire lists. We are now up to 150 megabytes of data at Draglist Online, so that could take a while without a little search engine help!

And remember, you can always drop me a line if you are looking for a particular piece of information that you can't find at The Drag Racing List. Our email address is located on each page.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Bill Pratt


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