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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Hot Rod Furniture

By Robb Lowe

Just in case anyone is thinking of getting me a late Christmas present... I am kinda sweet on the '59 Caddy couch, but the '65 Vette desk will do in a pinch...

Ok, so the car furniture has been done to death, but its still cool. :)

Take a look at the '60 Caddy sectional (read that pit-group) couch. A very original idea. Considering the hunt for all the great drag cars, maybe someone will luck up on Ivo or the Greek's Caddy towster and make some furniture just right for story-telling and lying.

It's a thought.


The motorcycle world's equivalent to Tony Nancy and builder of the Frog car (its really called a Sparrow, right Fuller?), Mike Corbin, has a couple of kick ass couches as well. The '49 Merc is a neat idea since it's cakewalk simple in design. The AC Cobra might be a little hard to snuggle on but just right for watchin' reruns of that other British hit "Pat Foster -- International Man of Machinery." For you lone wolves, the Indian motorcycle-o-lounger might be the hot setup. Pricey stuff, but he ain't seen my dragster couch yet... heh heh...

www.corbinfurniture.com or just www.corbin.com

My thoughts? You fabricators out there oughta build these dot com Richie Rich's some furniture out of your junk piles! There was a neat-as-hell table in Easy Rider magazine about 7-8 years ago, made out of a junk motor and a oval piece of glass.


P.S. - Check this out, too. Seems like somebody has come up with a "wearable car." How about a 60 mph gyro
controlled unicycle!



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