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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Female Racer Beats Challenges on Two Fronts

By Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford gets lots of support from her family and offers lots of support to the Lupus organization. Photo thanks to Cindy
Cindy Crawford gets lots of support from her family and offers
lots of support to the Lupus Foundation. Photo thanks to Cindy

Cindy Crawford is a female drag racer who lives in South Florida. She is now in her third year of Modular Motor racing in the Fun Ford and the NMRA (National Mustang Racer's Association)/NOS Ford Drag Racing Series. Cindy ranked sixth overall in points in 1999 and was named the association's Rookie of the Year. Cindy hopes to become the fastest female in the Modular Motor class.

Cindy struggles with a chronic illness called "Systemic Lupus," which can attack any organ in her body. She donates her racing proceeds to the Lupus Foundation of America to help research and find a cure for Systemic Lupus. It is Cindy's way of giving back and helping in this worthwhile cause. When she attends these races, Cindy sets up a booth in the pits with Lupus literature, pamphlets, and articles to allow people to learn about lupus. Cindy had a very tough year 2000 struggling with lupus and is fortunate to be back out racing full strength this year.

Cindy's new engine combo is getting set up for the 2001 season and should be ready to hit the track in two weeks. She hopes to pull some low 10 second runs, if not some high nines. Cindy also plans to earn her competition license within two weeks. Cindy has written a book on the basics of drag racing titled "Life in the Fast Lane." She is currently searching for a publisher. Cindy also has a website at www.gocindy.com. She will update it as soon as she makes her first track run with the new engine setup. 

Look for Cindy running in the Fun Ford and NMRA events throughout the United States. Stop by and say hello!


1998 Mustang Silver GT convertible

Front racing seats - Recaro SPG model
Autometer Tachometer/Shift Light white faced gauge
5 point safety harness
Full Roll Cage with Funny Car Addition
John Force's signature on both doors

Cobra style 4 inch hood
Racecraft Sheet Metal Wing

Sean Hyland professionally built 4.6 Cobra engine
Cobra Aluminum Block
Cobra Forged Crankshaft 
Displacement 283 cu. in
SHM Rings
Cylinder Heads - Stage 2 ported Cobra
SHM Camshaft - SHM blower grind
Manley Billet I Beam Rods
Rocker Arms - Stock
SHM Valve Springs
Lifters - Stock
Dampener - 8 Rib
Trimetal Rod & Main Bearings
SHM Forged Pistons
High Volume Blueprinted Oil Pump - SHM Gears
SHM Stud Girdle
Pickup & Windage Tray - Stock

Intake Manifold - Stock - Cobra, ported
90mm Throttle Body - Stock

Weldon Fuel Pump C2025-A
Weldon Regulator 2040-200-A-120
Chassis Engineering 8 Gal. Fuel Cell
Fuel Lines, Stainless Steel Braided 
Fuel Rails, Billet Aluminum 
83 lb./hr Fuel Injectors - Siemens

Electromotive EFI System Computer
Taylor 8mm Red Spark Plug Wires

SHM Long Tube Headers
3 Inch Mufflers

Vortech T-Trim Supercharger
Pulley Size -2.95
Boost - 18 lbs.

C4 Transmission
Torque Converter
4500 Stall Speed
Trans brake
Driveshaft - Stock
8.8 inch Trac Loc Posi Rear
4.10 Gear Ratio
Moser 31 Spline Axles
Cheetah Shifter
Driveshaft Loop 

90-10s Lakewood Struts
Coil Over Kit - Performance Automotive
Performance Automotive Chromoly Tubular K-member
Weld (Pro Star) Wheels
Sway Bar
Firestone 15 x 3.5 skinnies
Control Arms - Stock

Control Arms
Weld (Pro Star) Wheels
Mickey Thompson 15 X 8 Tires
1 5/8 Chrome Moly Subframe Connectors
Reinforced Torque Boxes
Custom Designed (Keystone) Anti Roll Bar

Bore and hone block with deck plates, line hone main saddles. Deck block, deburr, and clean. Balance crank, rods, and pistons. Blueprint oil pump. Heads received surfacing, porting, multi-angle valve seats. 

Outlaw Racing
Recaro North America, Inc.
Sean Hyland Motorsport
Jung Performance
Vortech Engineering, Inc.
Mother's Car Wax
Tree's Wings
Chassis Engineering
Dennis J. Leavy & Associates
Performance Automotive
Mickey Thompson Performance Tires
Gabor Bodnar, D.M.D.
Simpson Race Products
Dr. Howard Busch, Rheumatologist

Roland Crawford
Randy Sphaler
Steve Sphaler
Dennis Koons
Bambi Crawford
Johnnie Brooks
Bobby Crawford
Willy Wise
Mike Calvert
Tony Goon
Chris Crane

For sponsorship information, contact Cindy Crawford at www.gocindy.com or cincin126c@aol.com


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