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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Southern Fuel Coupes Looking for New Members

by Bob Gettys

Gary Ellis's Pro Mod joins Funny Cars and Altereds in the unique SFC format. Photo by Computer Magic Online
Gary Ellis's Pro Mod joins Funny Cars and Altereds in the unique SFC format.
Photo by Computer Magic Online

I am trying to attract new quality cars for Southern Fuel Coupes funny car, altered, and pro mod circuit that races from Virginia to the Carolinas. We have been running banner advertisements at draglist.com and elsewhere offering a free membership to one of the new teams that signs up with us. This is a $250 value. The membership dues for one year are $250. 

These dues include a personal web page on the Southern Fuel Coupes web site. This web page includes spots for the racer's sponsors at no cost to them, unlimited updates to the racer's page, and any other ink that can be generated about the racer on sites such as draglist.com. The dues also allow racers to compete at all the SFC races, which guarantee pay out to the 1 through 8 place finishers. The total value of an SFC membership is over $1,000, not to mention any winnings the racer might earn over the year.

The $250 membership dues go to offset the cost of promoting races by flyers, radio ads, and more. The dues pay any type of advertising fee or other expense that the group incurs. I'm sure you know about radio ads, they can run from $600 and up in even the smallest markets. Flyers aren't cheap either; they run into a considerable amount when we really try to promote a race. 

Simple math says that the more members the Southern Fuel Coupes circuit has, the better chance we have to keep our nose above the water. If we can spend $250 by offering a free membership and have four new members join, we're better off. If nobody joins, it doesn't cost us anything and we are in the same boat.

To qualify for the chance to win a free Southern Fuel Coupes membership, you must meet all of the following requirements.

Car requirements:

Car must be safe as determined by the SFC Rules (found at: http://www.southernfuelcoupes.com/rules.html)
Car must run alcohol fuel only
Car must be blown alcohol powered 
Car must be one of the following race car types
Funny Car 
Pro Mod 
Car must be crowd pleasing 

Driver requirements: 

Driver must be properly licensed and must wear proper driver's clothing for the car 
Driver must own, maintain and race one of the car types specified above
Driver must not have been a member of Southern Fuel Coupes in the past two (2) years 
Driver promises to support, promote Southern Fuel Coupes and Computer Magic Motorsports for the year 2002 
Driver must conduct him or herself as a professional racer wherever they compete during the 2002 season 

If you can meet all of the requirements, follow the link to the free membership registration form. Please be accurate with all of the information entered!! 

Special Note: If you have more than one car that meets the requirements, you may enter twice. In the event of a large number of entries, Computer Magic Motorsports will furnish two (2) free memberships for the 2002 season. If you know of someone who might like to race with the Southern Fuel Coupes, please let him or her about this chance for a free membership. 

Follow this link to the registration form:


If you are interested in joining the Southern Fuel Coupes for the first time and need more information about this group, contact the SFC Race Director at carolinabandit1@greenwood.net or call 864-445-9970.

Bob Gettys



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