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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Sleeping In The Garage

A few things you say once, and only once,
while attending a drag race with the little lady.

By Ralph "Gonzo" Crosby

1. Sure we can take your nephew.

2. Take this exit; it's always faster.

3. Don't worry, I'm sure they sell (pick one) ice, gas, raincoats, decent food here.

4. I'd like to meet the tech inspector that could spot this.

5. Anyone could back between these trailers.

6. Geez, those Hooters girls look younger every year!

7. Yeah right, I'd like to see the Honda I couldn't run down.

8. I'll go home before I'll buy back in.

9. Geez, that lady looks young to have a son with a Jr. dragster.

10. Geez, these Chilidogs are great, gimmie another one!

11. Don't worry, the rest rooms are always clean here, trust me.

12. We got plenty of time to get into the staging lanes, relax.

13. Tell me when I'm getting close to that guy's wheelie bar.

14. Rare? Of course they're rare, why you think I paid top dollar for them?

15. Trust me, one more run ain't gonna hurt it.

16. What do you mean do I have the (pick one) camera, tickets, helmet, runs?

17. I'm not spending half the day messing with this parachute.

18. Watch this, they'll remember this burnout for a while!

19. Har, whad a dumbass, it takes a real lamer to redlight in the first round!

20. That trailer tire will be fine, it's only two hundred miles home.


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