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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Drag Racing Lists Enter a New Phase

By Bill Pratt

Hi gang. I stayed home all day Wednesday and worked hard on the new lists. You will LIKE what you see! I finally did what I've been gabbing about for so long -- I sorted all the racers by YEAR first, and ranked them from best to worst for EACH YEAR! No longer will we have to look at a killer from 1977 being listed as the 2,343rd best car in the sport! I've been looking through the lists in this new way and it's really bringing back a lot of memories.

Just as I suspected, however, it's really showing where we need some more work. There are some cars in some years that are CLEARLY listed way too early for the ETs we show. We need to get everybody's help. Please go to the class you are most familiar with and the YEAR you are most familiar with, and fire off some information to us!

I also added a third list for each class -- best performance BY YEAR! So, we have three lists now:

  1. The racers sorted by NAME for EACH YEAR (with appropriate rankings for each year, but sorted by name). These are the biggest lists. They contain not only what you see on the page, but also two additional pages of info to the right of the screen. All you have to do is scroll to see it!
  2. The traditional all-time quickest lists are unchanged. Racers are listed by pure performance, without regard for when the run occurred. Obviously, cars that are more recent top the list.
  3. The newest list is sorted by best ET and speed by individual YEAR. The cool thing about this is you can see who the tough guys were all throughout time. The other cool thing in Pro Stock is, you can see where the Test and Time runs fall into the lists, although the test runs are given a zero ranking. Another thing I did with this list is I left in every driver in every car they drove. Unlike the all time quickest list, each driver is listed for EVERY car he or she drove each year. This way, we can see the relative rankings of all cars a driver drove. These are the lists that are going to help us find out incorrect entries. Some racers are leading some of the early years with ETs that they clearly did not run that early. HELP!

By our next Draglist update, I hope to implement two additional lists!

  1. One will show cars ranked according to their relative toughness throughout time, with factors considered for how early they ran their best time and for how quick their best time was compared to the average for the class in those years. It should be very interesting!
  2. Finally, we are going to give all the eighth mile racers something to cheer about, when we include their very own lists... This will probably be reserved for the doorslammer classes, as most other classes don't race on the eighth that much. Perhaps the alky funnies, but I can't say for sure right now. Check in for our next update and find out!

Gotta run to finish this stuff and get it on the web and get to work! See ya. bp

Bill Pratt


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