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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Nostalgia Day at NED

By Ernie Broughton

Me and My Buick by Ernie Broughton

Well... here goes...

Four a.m. comes real early as I head out to meet a couple of friends before heading out to the Nostalgia Meet at NED... The ol' Buick is tuned and cleaned and wearing its new hood scoop.

Two years since my last blast down New England Dragway's 1/4 mile and I am looking forward to some fun... It doesn't matter what the car runs, how well I do, or any of those other things that used to weigh heavily on my brain back when bracket racing every Sunday was all that mattered.

Once inside the track, we pit, roll the car off the trailer, and push her to tech. That's where the first "Hey! Haven't seen you in a long time!" comes from... Well, tech goes easily, and I head to the gas shack and get five, yep... five gallons of fuel...

With her tank full, I make the first time trial... 12.272 at 110 MPH. Hmm car problems? Nope... Driver forgot how to shift a four speed... No problem... I'm having fun! Second time trial.... .504 R/T... hey is that a Jersey barrier? 12.695 at 105 MPH.

I stroll the pits, take pictures, and talk to whomever isn't busy... Well, they call first round for A/Comp, and I check the fuel... three gallons left in the tank. I'll probably lose so no worries... Besides, I've got another gas jug with my lawnmower gas in it! I dial a 12.30... Hey! I got the first round bye! Best R/T in time trials! Cool! Runs a 12.08 at 113 MPH. Hmm -- lucky break, huh? Check the gas... two gallons left... No problem, I'll go out next round anyway...

Round two... Draw the guys pitted NEXT to me! A nice 70 Nova dialed in at 10.80. I put a 12.05 on my window and leave with a .510 light! 2nd, 3rd, 4th... where is he? Hit the brakes... Win light comes on in my lane! Seems they forgot to turn on the Nitrous... More luck my way?

We head to the third round... one Gallon left... WHAT? Gas Shack is closed? A Tim Allen "Oh No" grunt comes from me... What if I win? I 'll have to run my lawnmower stuff...

I draw the beautiful white T-Bird (big block Chevy powered) pitted across from me... 9.80 on his window... 12.05 still on mine... lights come down and RED! .456 for me! Through the traps with an 11.98 at 115 MPH and I run out of gas when I get back to the trailer!

The driver of the T-Bird comes over with a handshake and shares a laugh...

What a great day! Met some old friends, made some new friends, saw some nice old cars, and had just enough gas in the tank...

Ernie Broughton
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