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Drag Racing Story of the Day!


Nebraska Introduces Bill to Prohibit Turbo Chargers,
Super Chargers, Nitrous Oxide, and Fuel Enhancers

Thanks to Phil Sharkey

A bill (L.B. 688) has been introduced in the Nebraska legislature that would prohibit the use of fuel power booster delivery systems on motor vehicles operated in the state. The prohibition would include any "device or fuel enhancer ... that provides a motor vehicle with the capability to operate at speed in excess of the design of the motor vehicle."

We Urge You to Contact Your State Legislators in Opposition to This Bill. L.B. 688 bans the use of Turbo Chargers, Super Chargers, Nitrous Oxide and other Fuel Enhancers. L.B. 688 ignores the fact that these devices and fuel enhancers can make maneuvers such as passing, going uphill, or merging onto a highway safer for vehicles with slow acceleration. L.B. 688 ignores the fact that extra power can improve the safety of large trucks or motor homes, especially when pulling a trailer. L.B. 688 cites no evidence that these devices or systems are inherently unsafe.

Contact your state legislators in opposition to this proposed legislation. This bill tramples on the rights of vehicle owners and enthusiasts in Nebraska. If you need assistance in determining who your legislators are, please contact the Nebraska State Capitol Information Line at 402/471-2271. This information can also be obtained by calling the SEMA Washington, D.C., office at 202/783-6007 or via the Internet at

Please fax a copy of your letters to us at 202/783-6024, e-mail them to stevemac@sema.org, or mail to:

SEMA Washington Office
1317 F Street, NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20004
Attention: Steve McDonald/Brian Caudill

OK folks, Bill Pratt here. We need to keep an eye on what our states are up to regarding high performance cars. Here is the a link to the SEMA State Legislation updates site. Bookmark it NOW:



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