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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

La Verne: Welcome Back, Street Racers

By Fear This 222

To ALL Street Legal Drag Enthusiasts: I have been checking out all the drag racing web sites and to my disbelief there are quite a few that do not have a place for e-mail nor any type of feedback. So, here is a letter that I hope you can put up for all of So-Cal Drag racers:

"I am very concerned regarding the closure of the "Street Legal Racing Program" at the Pomona Raceway. I am an avid participant of the aforementioned program. My concern for the closure lies with the very same reason the program was initiated. I am sure the City of La Verne remembers the gatherings at the Foothill Blvd. In 'N' Out Burger with patrons racing among common traffic. Not only was it a nuisance, but it WAS also extremely dangerous. All of which is surely to resume as soon as the closure is initiated. I must also mention that, along with the return of "ILLEGAL" street racing in La Verne, California, it will also resurface in all surrounding communities, such as Covina and Ontario, California, just to name a few. 

Now my question to those who made this illogical and dangerous decision: What about the LIVES that I'm sure have been "SAVED" by the implementation of the "Street Legal Drag Racing Program at Pomona, California? I am sure the City of Ontario, California, can attest not only to the injuries, but furthermore, "THE FATALITIES" associated with illegal street racing in their city prior to the opening of street legal drags at Pomona Drag Strip. I would deeply encourage the City of La Verne to reevaluate their position on this particular topic. It is imperative that the "Street Legal Racing Program" remains open to the public to ensure safe streets, to save lives, and to not impose illegal racing in the surrounding communities. The repercussions of the closure WILL be devastating. The City of La Verne will be to blame and will have to sleep with all the injuries and fatalities that this closure will incur."

My son wrote this letter. Be assured that myself, as a mother of two boys and grandmother of six, have been involved in ALL types of racing. I cannot sleep at night some of the time due to the fact everyone knows "THE BOYS WILL DRAG RACE" wherever. Can anyone, as parents, believe that if something works and saves lives, WHY would they want to put an end to it?



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