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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

You Gotta Set it on KILL to Beat the Big Dogs!

By Billy Scott

Absolutely the meanest car I have driven, and I was lucky enough to drive many good cars, was Terry Gall's Top Fueler! That was one cackling dude! It was at Lions at one of their 2-day deals where you ran the first round on Friday night. Well we drew Art Malone first round and Terry hopped it up! (If that was possible, because that sucker was on kill every pass I made in it!) I wasn't worried about Malone. I thought he should have been worried about us! Anyway, I brought this baby to the starting line and let me tell you it was hitting so hard nobody would even get near it! As I was approaching the starting line, I noticed through the flames that it didn't have oil pressure. I motioned to Gall to let him know. All he did was point to the big end, plug his ears, and smile! 

Well we staged and I could barely see the tree. It was hitting so hard that the ground was shaking. I never saw Malone. In fact, from about 1000 feet out, I couldn't see anything, but I drove her out the back door. Burned all eight pistons, split the block wall to wall on both sides, and covered me with 10 quarts of hot Pennzoil which, coupled with the "Tuff Block" he ran to try and hold it together, made it made it so slippery I couldn't even get out of the car. When the push car came up they were honking the horn and whooping and hollering. Gall jumped out and was yelling, "We beat Malone! We beat Malone!" I said, "Hey Terry, check out your motor!" He said, "F*** the motor! We beat Malone! We beat Malone!" What a racer -- my kinda guy.

Billy Scott


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