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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Baytown Outlaw Showdown Results

by Will Hanna

BAYTOWN, TX - The Texas Quick 8 Racing Association kicked off the first of its eight race series this weekend with the Outlaw Pro Mod Showdown at the famed Houston Raceway Park in Baytown. Brownsville, Texas' Bobby Booth surprised everyone by stepping up and taking the top qualifying spot with a 4.180/ 168.38 in his '37 Chevy Coupe. Booth was the only car to make it into the 4.10's this weekend, and used that to make it to the finals where he was to square off against carburetor guru Chuck Nuytten's '63 Corvette. Nuytten had ignition problems and could not get his Corvette to start, giving Booth the single. Booth left hard then went into tire shake and lifted, coasting to a 5.41/ 94.30.
"Against Chuck [Nuytten] we knew he was going to be killer on the tree and he ran some .21's tonight and he was going to be tough. Unfortunately, his car wouldn't start and we just had to run a solo. I was doing some experimenting in there since I didn't have to worry about getting the win light, and it didn't quite work out like I wanted it to," Booth said of the finals.
The Texas Quick 8 Association will have its second race of the eight race series next weekend at River City Raceway in Seguin, Texas. Booth leaves this weekend with the points lead and a leg up on the rest of the racers going into next weekend's contest.
"Hopefully we can repeat our performance. We're going to go home, do all of our maintenance, check everything and make sure we are ready for next weekend, and we are looking forward to it," said Booth.
If Booth can maintain his level of performance, he might just get his second win next week in Seguin. If not, there will be a whole gang of "Outlaws" waiting to pick up his slack. 


Round One

1. Bobby Booth, 37 Chevy Coupe, 4.286/ 168.38 def.
8. Jerry Hicks, 96 Camaro, 4.434/ 159.91

5. Brandon Pesz, 57 Chevy, 4.453/ 162.33 def.
4. Scott Herzog, 94 Corvette, 4.427/(nsr). (dq-centerline).

2. Frankie Taylor, 00 Firebird, 4.305/ 172.44 def.
7. Grant Hensley, 94 Trans Am, 9.815/ 43.19

3.Chuck Nuytten, 63 Corvette, 4.214/ 173.31 def
9. (alt) Gaylen Smith, 94 Camaro, 4.385/ 159.48.

Round Two

3. Nuytten, 4.212/ 172.84, def.
2. Taylor, 4.264/ 173.94#.

1. Booth, 4.164*/171.20 def.
5. Pesz, 4.326/ 163.22


1. Booth, 5.414/ 94.30 def.
3. Nuytten, broke

* denotes low e.t.
# denotes top speed.

Will Hanna/ Pro Race Communications
Email: Thrill4251@aol.com


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