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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Draglist.com Plays Matchmaker!

By Per Simenstad

Hello! As a drag racing fan, I find your lists very interesting and informative. I am especially impressed by how accurate they are also regarding European racers. Recently, your list in fact helped us find a new Super Gas car when our 68 Camaro suddenly turned sharp right at mid track. We where then looking for a mid 80s Pro Stocker as a replacement (preferably, a car sitting idle somewhere in Scandinavia) Therefore, we searched your "Sportsman Doorslammer" list, and came up with some interesting options. The most interesting one was the 85 Pontiac Trans Am of Sjur Otto Talle. Listed in your All-Time Quickest Lists Sportsman Doorslammers as: 799, 8.200, 164.64, Sjur Ot Talle, Sjur Otto Talle, Pont 85 Trans Am, CA, NO, 1997. We remembered him and the car, and this was indeed exactly what we where looking for. 

It was a 6-hour drive from where we live. We called Mr. Talle, and surely, the car was for sale! He had raced it in Competition C/A and nearly crashed when the crankshaft broke and all the oil spilled on the rear tires at Mantorp, Sweden, in 1997. The car was set up for a Chevy Big Block and Powerglide, and was of course for sale without engine. (The engine was no more.) This meant that our engine/trans would fit right in! This was almost too perfect to be true. We agreed on a reasonable price and went over the mountain to the "wild" west of Norway to pick up the car. It is now resting in our garage, waiting for the season to start in May. The only problem is fitting a muffler under that loooow Trans Am. So thank you very much for helping us to find our "dream-car." Also, see our home page http://drive.to/tiainen_racing and the homepage of the Nordic Drag Racing Series, in which we compete http://www.dragracing.se.

Greetings from Norway,

Mr. Per O. Simenstad


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