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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Ladies of Harley Invade!

By Teri Nelson

Ladies of Harley are going to invade Laughlin on April 27. I've been invited to join their convention hall at Harrah's' with my drag bike and race schedule for 2001. I'm a Lady Dragger. Does that sound right? How about "Female Drag Racer." The Ladies of Harley from Oceanside, California, are trying to show other women that they can also ride and enjoy bikes just like everyone else. I didn't have a choice -- I wanted a pony and my daddy bought me a bike cause they don't eat when you're not riding them. So for the last 36 years I've been riding and racing motorcycles. 

I started racing desert races and Baja events before I tried the pavement. Racing is very exciting, but I didn't believe the guys when they said you could get addicted to speed at the drag races. I know different now! It's great! Each MPH feels so much different! I'm going to start my new season next Saturday at the Los Angeles County Raceway with the National Motorcycle Racing Association and AMA/Pro Star racing. For a schedule, see dragbike.com.

P.S. -- My new baby is sort-of named after Angelle Seeling! Her name is Rickelle! Ricki for short! (Ricki Nelson!) She has kept me off the bike for a full season! Gotta lose some of my baby fat and get back on my bike! See ya! (Thanks for info on Brittany. My daughter Stephanie is excited about writing to her! May the Lord Bless Her and Her Family!) 

Teri Lynn Nelson
Motorcycle Dynamics
Escondido, California
Airtech Streamlining
Vista, California


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