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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Fuller, The Greek, and the Dzus Fasteners

By Pete Starrett

Here's a good Kent Fuller story.

The Greek was in town and we decided to go over to Half Moon Bay to do some testing.

The car was the GT1 pointy car and the Greek had the shorty nosepiece on it (Fuller didn't like anybody seein' the magic front end on his cars). I think we were testing the rear radius rod idea Fuller had just put in the car to see if we could alter the handling by changing the toe-in of the rear wheels.

Fuller and I were standing down about the eighth mile to watch how the car would handle and the Greek makes a run. The car is looking good when right about the eighth all of a sudden -- Whap! The front of the side panels (the part that goes along side of the motor) folds back. Never fazed the Greek, he runs it through the eyes as usual. "Oh, shit," says I, "The Greek is gonna be pissed when he sees that." Fuller replies, "Some dummy forgot to put the Dzus buttons in the panels." 

We start to walk back to the Greek's trailer and then Fuller jams his hands into the pockets of his Lions jacket. He's got this funny look on his face and pulls his hand out of his pocket to show me two Dzus buttons. "Oops." The look on his face was classic...

Pit Crew Pete


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