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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Fulfilling the Funny Car Dream

By Bruce Mullins

Hello, Bill! Boy what a weekend! I can actually say I have fulfilled a dream of a lifetime. Growing up watching funny cars at national events was an experience by itself, and dreaming of one day driving one always seemed a little out reality's reach. I never gave up on that dream and when I saw the win light come on in my lane Saturday I needed someone to pinch me to make sure I wasn't still daydreaming. Its hard to explain how just one round win can make you feel so good but if you look at a few things you will understand why. 

First off, it happened at an NHRA national event, where the list of qualifiers included people such as Frank Manzo, Bob Newberry, Jay Payne (who beat me in the second round), and many people that we read about all the time. Second, my first round opponent was Fran Monaghan, who was #1 qualifier at Pomona last year, and a killer division 2 racer. Also most of my competitors have sponsors and a little bit better equipment. So, when you look at the odds you can see why it makes you feel so good to see a win light flash in your lane. I also have to say that all of the competitors in FM/FC treated me as an equal, which makes me feel great. 

None of this would have been possible without the help of my crew that supports everything I do. They know that I have limits on how hard I can be on parts. The crew, which consists of my wife Pattie, Mike Yohn, Scott Ankrom, and Robbie Ostrander, all worked together like a seasoned crew on a top notch team all weekend and they all shared in the excitement. After the round win, the crew serviced the car, and with a whole bunch of friends at our pit, we commenced to treat everyone to a good old fashion barbecue until the late night hours. 

Sunday dawned and we made our way to the staging lanes to face Jay Payne for round two. Unfortunately, Mr. Payne had a little more power and a better lane so he continued on to the next round. But not until knowing that he had to earn it after I gained a sizeable holeshot. But the lane wouldn't hold the War Horse and I was forced to lift off the throttle to avoid any trouble. As I waited in the shut down area, I still couldn't help to feel anything but good about what myself and my crew of volunteer weekend warriors had accomplished. The crew shared in these thoughts as they pulled up to me with smiles and heads still held high, very high. 

I need to give thanks to all my competitors and NHRA for making my team and me feel so welcomed at the Virginia Nationals. The only downside to the weekend was when Tim Slagle crashed and totaled his dragster. Hopefully Tim will fully recover and return to race another day. Also a special thanks to all the spectators who stopped by my trailer to offer congratulations. You don't know how good you all made me feel. Thanks and see you all soon!

Bruce Mullins


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