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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

The Little Fueler versus the Roller Starter

By Fred Vosk

We made that trip down to Pomona for the Winters with the "Green Dragon" AA/FD. Well we got all set up in the pits, got the car ready, and took it down to the back of the line to fire her up. You know -- "warm up." Real strange -- got in line -- and no push starts for warm ups. Huh? The guy with the shirt with stickers and badges all over it said, "You fire ‘em up on the Rollers." Rollers? So, we walked up to the front of the line to take a look. I mean we came down here to "The Big Go" with open minds. We could deal with "Hi Tech" and the future of Drag Racing. Well, what we saw when we got up there was open mind-boggling

I mean, I've been to a lot of places. Hey, I been to Yakima! Pretty much seen it all, but never nothin' like this. What I seen down there was sorta like a "Metallica" stage show. ‘Course there was no such thing as Metallica back then, but I knew that's what it would be like -- some day. There was smoke everywhere! And a big crowd of guys with evil things written all over their T-shirts. 

In the middle of this group of obvious "devil worshipers" was a hapless little "Fuller car," a Hemi Fueler being held down on a pair of huge spinning drums by the evil incarnates. It was choking, gasping, shooting bursts of flame out of its headers in pathetic pleas for help as it attempted to escape the always-spinning drums. All the while five or six of the evil ones were holding the little guy down. I wouldn't have blamed him if he would have popped his blower and taken them all out! However, they may have been savages -- but he wasn't -- he was a little Fuller car with class. 

All the while, the Chev V-8 that powered the endlessly spinning drums was running at full throttle ten feet away. The din created by it and the poor "trapped" Fueler was unbelievable! This was almost unnatural. Ya push start race cars! The little Fuller suddenly fired and jumped off the "machine from hell," escaping to the safety of the pits before "they" could catch it and drag it back. We walked back down to our happy, well-adjusted "Woody car," wondering how we were going to explain what awaited it at the front of the line...



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