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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Haight & Richardson Hit First Goodguys Jackpot in Las Vegas to Claim Top Fuel at 1st Spring Nitro Classic

By John Drummond

Las Vegas, NV - Bob Richardson's "Circuit Breaker" has officially staked its claim as a car to be reckoned with on the Goodguys/Pac West Trailers.Com West Coast Championship Series. Haight was the dominant racecar all weekend in Top Fuel action. In a race which featured such heavyweights as Jack Harris, Rance McDaniel, Dale Pulde, Bill Dunlap and other series "heavyweights," many might have taken the big blue Donovan powered car for granted. 

The Circuit Breaker gang qualified Saturday with a soft 6.19 and opted to sit out Saturday's final qualifying session to set-up the car for three rounds of competition on Sunday. The system worked wonders as Haight clicked off a 6.06 in round 1 to defeat Gerry Steiner, and in the semi's put his best foot forward to take out "The Sheriff" by running a consistent, heat-of-the-day 6.16 while Harris visited Cheech & Chong going "Up-in-Smoke." 

Meanwhile, veteran Denver Schutz was going about his business in Jim Cullen's Ft. Worth, Texas based entry by posting elimination times of 6.11 and 6.17. Both finalists were shooting for their first-ever Goodguys Top Fuel crown and you could literally feel the anxiety on the starting line as both Donovan powered entries pounded relentlessly into the stage beams. 

At the "Hit" Schutz took the advantage but lost traction roughly 60-feet into the run. Haight was long gone by the time the smoke had cleared clicking off Low ET of the weekend with a 6.04 winning his first Goodguys T/F crown and a $500 bonus courtesy of Mooneyes, USA, Inc. "I'm so happy I can barely stand up," said car owner Bob Richardson. "We changed our entire motor combination over the winter. Leonard McLaughlin of Alpine CNC came on board and we bought some new cast aluminum Hot Heads and that was the key." The team had the quickest car on Sunday, that much was obvious. In each of their round wins, they were the quickest car of the round. 

Bob Muravez, who hadn't won a Top Fuel race since 1967 in Don "The Beachcomber" Johnson's dragster, took home the honors in Top Fuel B by defeating Dale Pulde. Muravez and car owner John Halstead had a miserable day Saturday, but found the right combination today when it mattered most. Their final round time of 6.51 easily covered Pulde's smoking, aborted run.

Sean Bellemuer continues to rise to the top of his class and gain the respect of his peers in A/Fuel competition. Bellemuer earned his stripes today however by proving that in drag racing it pays to be on time. He was slower in his opening round match with Kin Bates and slower against Ron Attebury in the semis but in both cases, the 20-year old La Canada resident was razor sharp at the tree. In the final, Bellemuer faced "Racin'" Jason Richey who saw his first Goodguys final of the year. Bellemuer easily prevailed when Richey clicked it off just past half-track. Today marked the 4th consecutive final round appearance for Bellemuer.

March Meet Junior Fuel champion Bill Wayne of Bullhead City, AZ proved too tuff for his competitors today when he fought it out through four rounds of competition, taking his 2nd 2001 victory over favored Scott Parks. Parks was red-hot all day running the quickest ET's in every round of competition, but in the final, he fell asleep and the veteran Wayne made the most of the kid's miscue. Wayne took a sizeable points lead in the WCCS points standings and if he makes it to the semi's at the Fall Classic in Sears Point will be sitting on top of his 2nd class championship in the last 3 years. 17-year old Scott Parks meanwhile, heads back home to Burlingame, Kansas to graduate high school on Wednesday, May 9th.

You might as well get used to hearing the name Steve Woods in Pro Supercharged. Woods won his second consecutive event here but did it with more of a gentlemanly-like touch. Instead of running two-tenths quicker than the rest of the field, Woods hovered in the low 7's all day. He met up with Rich Roberts for the trophy, who was also making his second final round appearance of 2001. In a close race, which saw Robert's deep stage, Woods drove on by late to win 7.03 to a 7.29.

A/GAS racing proved as exciting as any class on the grounds this weekend with door handle to door handle racing during today's eliminations. In the end of the 7.60 indexed class (which is moved to a 7.70 index here at Vegas to adjust for the altitude) it was Steve "Hot Rod Willys" Castelli taking the trophy over arch rival Mark Mahood. Mahood broke a transmission at half-track, sending Castelli to the win with an eased-up 8.16. The win was Castelli's first with Goodguys since 1996.

Other winners at the Goodguys 1st Spring Nitro Classic were Don Taros (N/E 1), Jerry Buckley (N/E 2), Dean Prochison (N/E 3), Kevin Riley (B/GAS), Paul Giacalone (C/GAS), M Plumlee (Street Machine) and Frank Fuentes (Hot Rod.)

The Goodguys West Coast Championship Series takes a breather until September. The 12th Fall Classic is scheduled for September 8 & 9, which will be followed closely by the season ending 2nd Fuel & Gas Finals right here at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. - John Drummond

Full Summary Elimination Results:

Summary of Eliminations in Nostalgia Top Fuel

DATELINE: LAS VEGAS - Summary of eliminations in Nostalgia Top Fuel at the Goodguy's Spring Nitro Classic presented by PAC WEST TRAILERS.COM:

Round 1:
Mike McLennan, Orangevale CA, -Donovan, Left lane, (0.488) 6.422 221.34 def. Lee Jennings, Chino CA, Stirling-Donovan, (0.549) 7.265 154.92
Howard Haight, Upland CA, -Donovan, Left lane, (0.545) 6.067 222.69 def. Gerry Steiner, San Jose CA, Stirling-Chevy, (0.586) 6.180 234.61
Jack Harris, Kaysville UT, N&P-Chrysler, Left lane, (0.536) 6.405 237.55 def. Bill Dunlap, Capitola CA, Uyehara Donovan, (0.560) 7.126 179.42
Denver Schutz, Fresno CA, Stirling-Donovan, Left lane, (0.534) 6.119 237.38 def. Jim Murphy, Santa Rosa CA, Stirling-Donovan, (0.543) 6.251 215.31

Round 2:
D Schutz, Left lane, (0.494) 6.178 223.32 def. M McLennan, (0.508) 11.642 61.21
H Haight, Left lane, (0.521) 6.165 229.00 def. J Harris, (0.521) 6.561 230.49

Round 3:
H Haight, Left lane, (0.746) 6.048 230.76 def. D Schutz, (0.496) 6.759 213.54

Low ET: Howard Haight 6.048 seconds
Top Speed: Denver Schutz 241.37 MPH

Summary of Eliminations in Nostalgia B Top Fuel
DATELINE: LAS VEGAS - Summary of eliminations in Nostalgia B Top Fuel at the Goodguy's Spring Nitro Classic presented by PAC WEST TRAILERS.COM:

Round 1:
Jim Boyd, Redondo Beach CA, Dragster-Donovan, Right lane, (0.426) 6.487 222.47 def. Rance McDaniel, Fresno CA, -Chevy, (0.526) 6.458 207.59
Bob Muravez, Burbank CA, -Chrysler, Right lane, (0.504) 6.546 199.55 def. Kent Terry, San Miguel CA, Stirling-Rodeck, (0.545) 7.209 180.33
Mark Malde, Windsor CA, Stirling-Chevy, Right lane, (0.538) 6.778 208.17 def. Brendan Murry, San Jose CA, Stirling-Chevy, Broke
Dale Pulde, Sylmar CA, Dragster-Donovan, Left lane, (0.583) 7.274 125.29 def. Jeff Diehl, Salinas CA, Dragster-Donovan, Broke

Round 2:
D Pulde, Right lane, (0.595) 6.224 205.19 def. M Malde, (0.521) 6.553 215.65
B Muravez, Left lane, (0.514) 6.374 202.85 def. J Boyd, (0.567) 6.504 222.22

Round 3:
B Muravez, Right lane, (0.471) 6.512 189.55 def. D Pulde, (0.527) 12.687 57.08

Low ET: Dale Pulde 6.224 seconds
Top Speed: Jim Boyd 222.47 MPH

Summary of Eliminations in Afuel
DATELINE: LAS VEGAS - Summary of eliminations in Afuelat the Goodguy's Spring Nitro Classic presented by PAC WEST TRAILERS.COM:

Round 1:
Greg Uffens, Tracy CA, Stirling-Chevy, Left lane, (0.539) 6.743 201.94 def. Bill Genco, Westchester CA, Tuttle-Donovan, (0.513) 6.922 197.31
Ron Attebury, San Jose CA, '01 Attebury, Left lane, (0.481) 6.679 211.46 def. Mike Joyce, Van Nuys CA, California-KB, (0.401) 9.661 91.08
Jason Richey, Pleasanton CA, Sterling-Chevy, Right lane, (0.493) 7.071 196.36 def. James Paul, Auburn CA, Uyehara-Chevy, (0.483) 8.564 119.32
Sean Bellemuer, La Canada CA, Uyehara-KB/BAE, Left lane, (0.423) 6.760 203.55 def. Kin Bates, Anderson CA, Tuttle-Chrysler, (0.584) 6.742 199.52

Round 2:
J Richey, Right lane, (0.421) 7.085 190.43 def. G Uffens, (0.178 foul) 7.832 122.52
S Bellemuer, Right lane, (0.425) 6.699 204.85 def. R Attebury, (0.515) 6.657 212.76

Round 3:
S Bellemuer, Left lane, (0.458) 6.736 204.48 def. J Richey, (0.651) 9.297 86.12

Low ET: Ron Attebury 6.657 seconds
Top Speed: Ron Attebury 212.76 MPH

Summary of Eliminations in Junior Fuel
DATELINE: LAS VEGAS - Summary of eliminations in Junior Fuel at the Goodguy's Spring Nitro Classic presented by PAC WEST TRAILERS.COM:

Round 1:
Todd Movius, Long Beach CA, Stirling-Chevy, Left lane, (0.694) 7.547 177.46 def. Kristin Neumann, Ventura CA, Victory-Olds, Broke
Kelly Craig, Campbell CA, Davis-Chevy, Right lane, (0.428) 7.647 171.23 def. Jim Moore, Watsonville CA, Dragster-Chevy, (0.387 foul) 8.388 159.61
Bud Hammer, Oxnard CA, Tuttle-Chevy, Left lane, (0.417) 7.754 170.86 def. Mendy Fry, Chula Vista CA, Meyer-Chevy, (0.239 foul) 7.620 171.55
Don Enriquez, Mission Viejo CA, Fritz-Chevy, Right lane, (0.540) 7.526 175.52 def. Dan Fenton, San Lorenzo CA, -Chevy, (0.191 foul) 7.796 167.39
Wayne Ramay, Simi Valley CA, JP Mtrsprt-Chevy, Right lane, (0.459) 7.619 173.72 def. Brad Woodard, Oceanside CA, -Chevy, (0.483) 7.901 168.49
Mike Chrisman, Lake Forest CA, Chrisman-Chevy, Right lane, (0.505) 7.474 174.64 def. Dean Carter (0.392 foul) 7.830 167.84
Bill Wayne, Bullhead City AZ, JP-Olds, Right lane, (0.429) 7.395 178.90 def. Stacy Paul, Auburn CA, Uyehara-Buick, (0.477) 7.565 172.96
Scott Parks, Burlingame CA, N&P-Chevy, Right lane, (0.489) 7.373 177.49 def. Alan Hull, Arcadia CA, Fuller-Chevy, (0.403) 7.686 172.23

Round 2:
D Enriquez, Left lane, (0.473) 7.558 174.98 def. K Craig, (0.430) 7.643 172.56
T Movius, Left lane, (0.443) 7.619 176.72 def. M Chrisman, (0.353 foul) 7.537 176.37
B Wayne, Right lane, (0.408) 7.421 179.92 def. W Ramay, (0.531) 7.601 174.84
S Parks, Right lane, (0.500) 7.397 177.60 def. B Hammer, (0.390 foul) 7.833 171.01

Round 3:
B Wayne, Right lane, (0.460) 7.460 180.07 def. D Enriquez, (0.460) 7.563 175.27
S Parks, Right lane, (0.509) 7.431 177.74 def. T Movius, (0.463) 7.564 178.54

Round 4:
B Wayne, Right lane, (0.460) 7.423 180.31 def. S Parks, (0.522) 7.416 178.90

Low ET: Scott Parks 7.370 seconds
Top Speed: Bill Wayne 180.38 MPH

Summary of Eliminations in Pro Supercharged
DATELINE: LAS VEGAS - Summary of eliminations in Pro Supercharged at the Goodguy's Spring Nitro Classic presented by PAC WEST TRAILERS.COM:

Round 1:
Steve Woods, San Leandro CA, '48 Austin, Left lane, (0.548) 12.847 91.28 was unopposed
Rich Roberts, Winton CA, '34 Willys, Left lane, (0.598) 7.298 186.07 def. Chuck Moore, Danville CA, '48 Anglia, (0.592) 13.451 59.75
Steve Wood, Merced CA, '53 Studebaker, Left lane, (0.499) 7.269 179.85 def. Tim Burns, San Jose CA, '41 Willys, (0.579) 7.630 178.35

Round 2:
S Woods, Right lane, (0.626) 7.006 199.23 def. T Burns, (0.456) 7.590 179.78
R Roberts, Right lane, (0.603) 16.564 53.75 was unopposed

Round 3:
S Woods, Left lane, (0.501) 7.037 192.08 def. R Roberts, (0.408) 7.296 184.55

Low ET: Steve Woods 7.006 seconds
Top Speed: Steve Woods 199.23 MPH

Summary of Eliminations in A Gas
DATELINE: LAS VEGAS - Summary of eliminations in A Gas at the Goodguy's Spring Nitro Classic presented by PAC WEST TRAILERS.COM:

Round 1:
Mark Mahood, Anaheim CA, '69 Camaro, Left lane, (0.498) 7.785 0.085, def. Chris Beanes, San Gabriel CA, '51 Henry J, (0.517) 8.072 0.372
Bob Clayton, La Grange CA, '33 Willys, Left lane, (0.451) 7.888 0.188, def. Jim Pace, Fairfield CA, '48 Anglia, (0.338 foul) 8.002 0.302
Steve Castelli, Windsor CA, -Chevy, Right lane, (0.694) 7.773 0.073, def. Don Chemello, Yucaipa CA, '63 Chevy, (0.507) 8.061 0.361
Sean Renteria, Hollister CA, '62 Plymouth, Left lane, (0.473) 7.831 0.131, def. Al Nicks, Farmington NM, '57 Chevy, (0.810) 8.770 1.070

Round 2:
M Mahood, Left lane, (0.458) 7.809 0.109, def. S Renteria, (0.429) 7.863 0.163
S Castelli, Right lane, (0.594) 7.830 0.130, def. B Clayton, (0.655) 7.782 0.082

Round 3:
S Castelli, Right lane, (0.455) 8.165 0.465, def. M Mahood, (0.465) 11.797 4.097

Summary of Eliminations in Nostalgia Elim
DATELINE: LAS VEGAS - Summary of eliminations in Nostalgia Elim at the Goodguy's Spring Nitro Classic presented by PAC WEST TRAILERS.COM:

Round 1:
Don Taros, Long Beach CA, Meyer-Chevy, Left lane, (0.397) 7.767 0.067, def. Mike Savage, Tucson AZ, '37 Fiat, Broke
Johnny Cofer, Macdoel CA, '47 Crosley, Left lane, (0.523) 7.628 -0.072, def. Jerry Beach, Woodland Hills CA, Dragster-Chevy, (0.602) 7.516 -0.184
Bobby Runyon, Jean NV, RCS-Chevy, Left lane, (0.530) 7.785 0.085, def. Jim Carter, Glendale AZ, '57 Chevy, (0.514) 7.860 0.160
Mike Cross, Culver City CA, Dragster-Chevy, Right lane, (0.520) 7.732 0.032, def. Dave Rosenberg, Long Beach CA, Dragster-Donovan, (0.579) 7.735 0.035
John Lenko, Bakersfield CA, Dragster-Chevy, Left lane, (0.622) 7.734 0.034, def. Jed Dubach, Layton UT, Dragster-Chevy, (0.418) 8.102 0.402
Larry Dixon, Paso Robles CA, '23 -T, Left lane, (0.659) 7.754 0.054, def. Tony Lemmon, Garden Grove CA, Buddy-Chevy, (0.617) 7.815 0.115
Scott Christlieb, Leona Valley CA, Porter-Chevy, Right lane, (0.428) 7.745 0.045, def. Dave Sammons, Carlsbad CA, California-Chevy, (0.492) 7.692 -0.008
Dave Gruzen, Lakewood CA, Dragster-Chevy, Right lane, (0.510) 7.694 -0.006, def. Jim Lange, Simi Valley CA, Dragster-Chevy, (0.632) 7.626 -0.074

Round 2:
D Taros, Left lane, (0.464) 7.731 0.031, def. M Cross, (0.393 foul) 7.698 -0.002
J Cofer, Left lane, (0.552) 7.715 0.015, def. S Christlieb, (0.415) 7.681 -0.019
D Gruzen, Right lane, (0.595) 7.779 0.079, def. B Runyon, (0.879) 7.654 -0.046
J Lenko, Left lane, (0.579) 7.923 0.223, def. L Dixon, (0.627) 7.948 0.248

Round 3:
D Gruzen, Right lane, (0.518) 7.700 0.000, def. J Cofer, (0.495) 7.775 0.075
D Taros, Left lane, (0.462) 7.713 0.013, def. J Lenko, (0.589) 7.779 0.079

Round 4:
D Taros, Left lane, (0.482) 7.704 0.004, def. D Gruzen, (0.509) 7.733 0.033


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