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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Early Lineup for the Cacklefest

By Steve Gibbs

[The Cacklefest was the most awesome part of an already awesome 2000 California Hot Rod Reunion. The success of the program has brought forth a flurry of activity with the sport's legends ready to fire 'em up one more time. Here's the latest lineup. Bp]

This is the way it's shaping up:

Certain to be there (barring unforeseen circumstances)

1. Bill Pitts "Magicar" / Jeep Hampshire
2. The Anderson's "Vagabond"
3. "Sour Sister" Safford, Gaide, & Ratican / Kenny Safford
4. "The Lincoln" / Ted Cyr
5. Greer, Black, Prudhomme / Steve Davis
6. "Hustler I" / Art Chrisman
7. Kuhl & Olson / Carl Olson
8. Leffler & Loukas / Neil Leffler
9. "Swamp Rat" / Don Garlits (car from '59 March Meet w/carbs)
10. "Pure Hell" / Dale Emery
11. "Pure Heaven" / Leon Fitzgerald
12. "The Addict" / Dwight Salisbury
13. "Chizler" / Chris Karamesines
14. Beebe & Mulligan / Dave West
15. "Frantic 4" / Norm Weekly
16. "Winged Express" / Mike Boyd
17. Adams & Stewart / Rick Stewart
18. "Howard Cam Rattler" / Larry Dixon, Sr.
19. "Speed Sport Special" / Red Greth

50/50 Chance of being there:

18. "Jade Grenade" / Ted Thomas
19. Creitz & Carbone / Steve Carbone
20. Early "Northwind" / Jack Coonrod

"Some possibility" of being there:

1. "The Loner" / Tony Nancy
2. "Freight Train" / Bob Muravez
3. Tom Hanna's new creation

"Have heard rumors":

1. George Bolthoff re-creation
2. Something for "Jet Car" Bob Smith

"Wishful thinking"

1. "Starlite" / Chuck Griffith
2. King & Marshall / Jimmy King or Don Roberts

Bring your cameras...because some of these cars will be spinnin' and smokin' the tires...




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