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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Who Was Barry Setzer?

By Pat Foster

Barry was and is a manufacturer of high-end fabric from North Carolina (Hickory). He contracted Ed Pink in 70 to build motors for a Pro-Stock Camaro he owned. In his dealing with Ed he was exposed to Funny Cars and loved them. He then had Pink put together a turnkey F/C operation. Pink did the engines, Buttera the cars, etc. When completed, Kelly Brown was hired to drive. This combo proved fast but not very quick. 

I was in Don Cook's Damn Yankee at the time. With an over the counter Pink engine, we consistently ran quicker than the Setzer car with little or no budget. This caught Pink's attention. He asked me to help him with the Setzer car at a test session at OCIR. He had also had The Shoe in the car for a similar test weekend. Shoe did what he could, but had his own program to run. My answer to Ed was -- no deal. Put me in the car on a permanent basis and we'll talk. He did that and from then 'til Barry quit drag racing in '73, we did well. He was never involved in any other form of motorsports.

A quiet, soft-spoken, intelligent man. Also a man of his word and always a gentleman. A better car owner would be hard to find.



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