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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Rolling Thunder at 4:00 AM

By Bob Barry

When we first built the Rolling Thunder Funny Car I had just moved to Oyster Bay. One night while Monty and I were out on one of our Budweiser tasting tours at the local bar in town we met a few of the local ladies. They asked what we did for a living but having no knowledge of our sport they couldn't quite figure out exactly what a funny car really was. About 20 Buds later, we decided to invite them over to our new place and show them first hand -- at 3:30 a.m. 

After a brief tour of the garage, Monty suggested we start the thing up and do a burnout in the driveway. Just to give them a better understanding of the sport you understand. Well, at about 4:00 a.m. we started the car just in front of the garage. I rolled forward a few feet into the VHT Monty put on the driveway. 

Just as the butterflies went open my new biker neighbor came running through the bushes between our houses and looked up to see this thing coming right at him. Never seen two bigger white eyes in my life as he changed direction in mid air and landed in the sticker bushes next to the house. All this in his jockey shorts, which he proceeded to pee in. Embarrassed himself so bad he ran back to his house. 

By now I figured we had done enough damage and before we attracted any more attention I decided to back the car into the garage. Forgot about the tarpaper that covered the walls and proceeded to set said garage on fire with the flames from the headers. Halon bottles work quite well in a small garage. Not as well with the big door open though.

About the time we got the fire put out we had the police and the fire department at the house trying to figure out what was going on. Seems some of the neighbors had called about an explosion going off in the neighborhood. The biker was the one who called the fire department. The only one. Turned out he had been growing pot behind our garage and didn't want to lose his crop in the upcoming blaze. 

By the way, we wound up dating the girls for the next three years. I almost married the one I met, but then that wouldn't have been a good idea! She'd probably want me to quit this racing nonsense.



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