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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Front Engine Dragster Cool Stuff Checklist

By Bill Pitts

Robb Lowe brought up an interesting suggestion concerning the idea of making something like a "Legends" dragster league in 1998. It might be worth a try if spec chassis and a variety of fiberglass full bodies could be developed. A spec motor would need to deliver sufficient HP to allow the car to get down the track respectably. Well I think the idea sounds good and I'd like to add some additional possibilities.

1. Smoke. There was a time when the tires were such that you could perform better if you didn't slip the clutch. Make the tire skinny and hard enough so that you could perform better smoking the tires than slipping the clutch.

2. No sticky tracks. This should make for a wider selection of tracks. Let everybody contend with what everybody contended with in the mid '60s.

3. Make the wheel base fairly short. They say you steer today's dragster and you drive today's funny car. I think these cars should be short enough that they have to be driven and if you have to contend with the front end possibly coming up, then so be it. More fun from Whammo!

4. No tranny. If the car loses traction easily because of the tires then make enough power to break 'um loose and keep them that way for a majority of the run.

5. Small block Chevys. These would be a great motor for these cars. Plentiful and tons of aftermarket available as well as tons of people who know how to set them up to last.

6. Push start and turnaround. This was a great part of the show and if we are the spectators and participants does it matter how fast it all happens? Slow down the pace and enjoy the show of the past.

This may just be a pipe dream and you can click "Next" if you think it's impractical but I still am not seeing much of the truly great aspects of FED racing as it was back then. I miss those aspects and hope to see them again. Maybe this is the way to do it. It would certainly be wild, woolly, and unpredictable. Anybody might win.


Bill "Want-to-be" Pitts


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