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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Let's Level the Playing Field (Continued)

Some Interesting Top Sportsman Runs from the President's Cup

by Steve Taylor

The IHRA President's Cup Nationals at Maryland International Raceway is history. But there were some interesting runs posted on the IHRA website.

This is round four of Top Sportsman Elimination:

Results for Elimination Round 4

BUDDS CREEK, Md. - SUMMIT FastNews - Results of round 4 eliminations in NOS Top Sportsman at the Tenth annual CARQUEST Auto Parts President's Cup Nationals:

W/L Driver Class Dial RT ET Ov/Un
(W) James Justice TS 7.08 0.525 9.329 2.249
(L) Bob Schmidt TS 7.35 0.343(R) 7.422 0.072

(W) Jeff Solyan TS 7.41 0.474 7.455 0.045
(L) Tim Molnar TS 7.45 0.484(R) 9.807 2.357

Three pairs, three red lights.

In the last run, Tim Molnar loses with a reaction of 0.484 dialed on a 7.45 in the quarter-mile. Jeff Solyan wins with a reaction of 0.474 dialed on a 7.41 in the quarter-mile.

The only issues with the worse redlight rule are fairness for all racers and a level playing field for all racers.

Was Tim Molnar playing on a level playing field?

Here are the race results for the finals of Top Sportsman:

W/L Driver Class Dial RT ET Ov/Un
(W) Kevin Scales TD 6.92 0.484 6.933 0.013
(L) Scott Duggins TD 7.00 0.493(R) 6.918 -0.082

Scott Duggins dialed on a 7.00 in the quarter-mile loses in the Finals with the first foul infraction and Kevin Scales dialed on a 6.93 wins TOP DRAGSTER with a worse foul infraction.

Was Scott Duggins competing on a level playing field?

This can happen before or in the Finals in any handicapped Sportsman Eliminations in NHRA or IHRA.

What constructive and logical suggestions could be offered to Scott Duggins from track owners or racers who do not want the first redlight rule changed?

You are not expected or required to answer this question. <GRIN>

This email is for informational purposes only and to stress the importance of changing this antiquated rule sometime this Millennium. <Second GRIN>


Steve Taylor

Read Steve's original "Let's Level the Playing Field" story HERE.


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