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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Floyd Wins Wilkesboro Southern Fuel Coupes

By Bob Gettys and Bill Pratt

Keith Floyd broke through for a big win at Southern Fuel Coupes Wilkesboro. Photo by Bob Gettys
Keith Floyd's Pro Mod beat all the altereds and funnies at Wilkesboro.
Photo by Bob Gettys

Wilkesboro, NC (June 15) - Keith Floyd took his blown '63 Corvette Pro Mod machine to the Draglist.com Southern Fuel Coupes title at Wilkesboro Raceway Park last Saturday. Floyd led qualifying with a nearly perfect 4.501 at 157.30, then ran a string of low 4.50-second ETs to win.

Eliminations kicked off with Floyd running a 4.52 to defeat Top Fuel veteran Danny Dunn, who took a wild 5.41-second ride in his new roadster. Jim Dickey then took his supercharged altered to a 4.692, 126.41 win over newcomer Harold Barnhardt, who went 5.223, 128.94. Jerry Davis won the final race of the round in a battle of funny cars. Davis went 4.881, 146.58 after #3 qualifier Don Roddy hit the wall and coasted through to a 7.43 at 59.60 mph.

In round two, Floyd ran a 4.514 at 154.55 to defeat the low ET loser of the first round, Harold Barnhardt. Barnhardt stayed consistent at 5.204, 124.92. He lost twice in one night, but gained some new fans. Jim Dickey then earned a spot in the final round with a 7.41, 60.33 default win after Jerry Davis redlighted away a 5.16 at 130.14.

In the finals, Keith Floyd faced the 1999, 2000, 2001 SFC champion Jim Dickey. Keith ran an incredibly consistent 4.521 at 154.62 to defeat the champ, who broke out with a 4.46 at 144.73.

Don Roddy set Low ET of the event at 4.41 seconds and had the best reaction time with a .434. Jim Dickey set Top Speed of the Meet at 163.61 mph.

The Draglist.com Southern Fuel Coupes race next at Cooper River Dragway on July 6. For more information, log on to www.southernfuelcoupes.com.

Bob Gettys/Bill Pratt


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