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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

MIR U.S. Pro Stock Open Quick Results

By Bill Pratt

Gene Wilson won his first official race in the NHRA configuration when he took the title at the 28th annual U.S. Pro Stock Open at Maryland International Raceway Wednesday night. Gene must like MIR... he dominated the IHRA President's Cup Nationals in his appearance there in September. In a huge surprise, Warren Johnson did not qualify. WJ was unable to get all his power to the ground in two qualifying sessions. He came back later to run a 6.828. Here is qualifying and eliminations info from the U.S. Pro Stock Open. Check out the awesome times from the sport's oldest independent Pro Stock race. bp

28th Annual U.S. Pro Stock Open at Maryland International Raceway


1. Tim Freeman, Eagle One Cavalier, 6.794, 203.46 (new track records)
2. Jim Yates, Splitfire Grand Am, 6.811, 202.91
3. Allen Johnson, Johnson Racing Neon, 6.817, 202.61
4. Rickie Smith, Mopar Neon, 6.821, 202.97
5. Mark Osborne, Schmidt Racing Grand Am, 6.825, 201.79
6. Gene Wilson, Mopar Neon, 6.828, 202.09
7. Ron Krisher, Eagle One Cavalier, 6.829, 203.22
8. Kurt Johnson, ACDelco Cavalier, 6.830, 203.00


9. Jamie Yates, Splitfire Grand Am, 6.838, 202.21
10. Larry Morgan, Larry Morgan Neon, 6.844, 202.00
11. Warren Johnson, GM Performance Parts Grand Am, 6.848, 202.94
12. Tom Hammonds, Winnebago Cavalier, 6.873, 201.91
13. Tom Lee, Johnson Racing Neon, 6.885, 200.86
14. John Nobile, Piranha Z Cavalier, 6.905, 201.40
15. Tom Martino, Tom Martino Grand Am, 6.916, 201.37
16. Ben Watson, Split Second Grand Am, 6.920, 199.52

Round One:

W Rickie Smith, 6.834, 202.67
L Mark Osborne, 12.53, 69

W Gene Wilson, 6.821, 201.97
L Allen Johnson, 6.854, 202.73

W Ron Krisher, 6.802, 196.04
L Jim Yates, 6.807, 202.85

W Tim Freeman, 6.854, 203.37 (.0001 margin of victory!)
L Kurt Johnson, 6.931, 202.27 

Round Two:

W Tim Freeman, 6.829, 203.74 (holeshot, track record speed)
L Rickie Smith, 6.815, 201.01

W Gene Wilson, 6.834, 201.94
L Ron Krisher, 6.883, 202.27 (clutch probs)


W Gene Wilson, 6.808, 202.70
L Tim Freeman, 14.20, 59 (severe tire shake)

Bill Pratt


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