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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Players During the Magic Era

By Pat Foster

Dan Broussard recently said that his involvement in drag racing in the 60s was just a blip on the radar screen. It may have been a blip in the larger scheme of things but what a blip! To have been a 'player' during that era of drag racing is soooo important...be proud!

There was a magic back then that will never happen again, akin to the roadsters at the speedway. You were able to 'see' the drivers in both types of cars. They were not always the cleanest lads on the team, never in the lounge, more often in the bellhousing. You could stand right up by the starting line and watch their eyes as they pulled in, see their hand easing the brakes, often their knees as they worked the clutch pedal. In the pits, the crews were one or two guys that did it all. No lift systems in the pits, more like: "Hey! Broussard, lift this thing up on the jack stands, we gotta drop the oil, no profiling, just get the bitch ready."

As an 18-19 year old punk kid, I would go to the 'Beach' and lose myself in dreams of being one of those guys.

I knew what I wanted to do and didn't have to find personal sponsors or a wealthy father to do it. Watch, pay attention, keep my mouth shut, work hard, be available for any job with any car, never lose the desire, the burning freakin' desire and maybe, just maybe you get your chance.

Ronnie Scrima was building Stump a car in his garage.... I never missed a night at that garage, never said a word when anyone would stop by, folks like Stump, Moody, Gene Adams, Skinner and Jobe, Uncas, Don Alderson, Red, Joe and Spider and the list goes on. I didn't talk but I listened and some nights even learned a little something. Yeah, be proud, these were magic times and to a young kid from Reseda, you guys were the real magic!

Pat Foster


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