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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Supercharged Warriors Rock Xenia

By Jon Petrich

Jon Petrich and the Witchdoctor lead the Supercharged Warriors. Photo by Richard Long
Jon Petrich and the Witchdoctor lead the Supercharged Warriors. Photo by Richard Long

For the second straight year the Supercharged Warriors thrilled the fans at Kil-Kare Raceway in Xenia, Ohio. The Supercharged Warriors, as well as several other groups consisting of pro outlaw dragsters and Midwest fuel altereds, competed at the tracks annual Buckeye Nationals.

Once again the Warriors were the crowd favorites with their long smoky burnouts, great paint jobs and a never ending level of professionalism. Fans were treated to free t-shirts from Bars Leaks and check-n-out sportswear, Frisbees, candy and checkered autographed flags for the kids.

First round of qualifying came just after a short rain delay and the Kil-Kare staff promptly prepared the track for some great racing. Up first were the two veterans of the group. Dave Covell from Ashtabula, Ohio took on John DeCort from Salem, Ohio. Covell would qualify his ratified 23-T altered in the number one spot with a 5.03 on a 4.99 index for the 1/8 mile. DeCort's Prowler would run a close 5.05 @137 mph to put him in the second spot. Second pairing would be the New York boys Joe Veschusio from Rome and Scott Hohensee from East Amherst. Veschusio would run to fast as he crossed the line with a 4.91 @144mph earning him the number eight spot. Hohensee had ignition trouble on the burnout and took it to the other end with no time but would get it fixed in time for eliminations.

Third pair up would be the 1999 points champion Bob Lascak in his "Wicked" corvette and 2000 points champ Jerry Streb with the "bad" 69 Camaro. Lascak would find the traction great and would also run under with a 4.97 @141mph to Streb's 5.08 @ 133mph. Streb would just edge out the 2001 points champ "Mad Man Mike Himes" in his "Danger Zone" 1990 Camaro for the third spot. Himes ran almost perfect with a 4.983 over Micky Hale who slowed to a 5.91 @ 85 mph. The fourth pair was the 1967 Chevelle "The Witchdoctor" of Jon Petrich and the best appearing car five years straight of Tom Glick. Glick's chromed, polished and anodized 32 bantam "Samurai Warrior" would qualify number 9 with a 4.60 To Petrich's 4.966 @140 mph. The last car to run was "nitro Mike Pohl" from Erie, Pa. Pohl's" Blown 2b wild" 23 T would run a 4.92 and take the number seven spot on the ladder.

Eliminations paired the corvette of Lascak against the 33 Willys of Hohensee. Lascak would leave first with a .425 reaction and just edge out the willies with a 5.016 to a loosing 5.019 for Hohensee. Micky Hale would earn the Enderle Fuel Injection award with a killer reaction time of .401 in his win over Mike Himes. The "Green Voodoo" 34 Plymouth would run a 5.005 @139 to Himes 5.01 @ 144mph. Himes still fared well when the fans cheered him to another Perma-cool burnout award for his 1/8 mile smoke fest. One of the great things about a Supercharged Warrior show is the all out level of competition. "Not only do these guys have a lot of fun, but almost every race is a side-by-side battle. That's what the fans come to see!" said the track manager.

Jerry Streb, who needed a final round appearance to move to first in the points, would come up short with the closest loosing effort of the day when he ran 4.985 on the 4.99 index. Streb defeated the bantam of Glick who ran 4.69 @146. John DeCort would come up with the best run of the event with a 4.992 @138mph win over "The thriller" of Veschusio. This would send the "Jus Prowlin Around" Dodge prowler to the final against Dave Covell who defeated the "Witchdoctor". Covell had another great reaction time of .408 and ran a 5.00 @139mph to Petrich's 4.974 @ 139mph.

Lightning fast reactions, great consistency and extreme talent is what's needed to compete at the warrior level and both finalists proved they have what it takes.

David Covell left first with a .421 light to DeCort's .478 but by the time the win light came on Covell felt he had gone to fast. He was right. His 4.985 @138.79 just went under handing John the win. The prowler ran a safe 5.03 @138.12mph. John DeCort breaks the fifth place points tie with Petrich and is only 13 points out of fourth. Covell remains third trailing number one Mike Himes by only seven points.

With only four races remaining in the 2002 season the point's battle will come down to the last race. Any one of the top five could be called "Champion" at the end of the year.

Thanks to all the fans who stopped for an autograph and to the staff at Kil-Kare for another terrific event! See you next year and check us out on the web at www.superchargedwarriors.com


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