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September 29, 1998 -- The Best President's Cup EVER!

I absolutely MUST sleep tonight, so I have to keep this short. But I've gotta tell ya that we had the best IHRA President's Cup Nationals EVER this past weekend at MIR. You've probably seen it all elsewhere, but for a numbers freak like me, there was lots to like. How about brand new world records in Pro Stock! I knew we could do it if we could ever get the weather to cooperate! Our Pro Mod track records for nitrous cars took a beating, as did our records in almost every IHRA category. The only reason we didn't get the new records in Pro Mod was that they slapped 100 pounds on Scotty Cannon after his dominant performance at Epping. No matter. Scotty just went out there and killed 'em with consistency, winning despite the recent rules changes. (Kinda like Glidden in the late '70s).  

Bill meets Victor and Marie Bray at the President's Cup. Photo by Greg GageAs usual, I had a ball with all my long lost, see- 'em- once- a- year pals. I also met some NEW pals that I've been dying to meet for some time -- namely, Australian Top Doorslammer champ Victor Bray and his wife Marie! As soon as I heard Victor was in Scotty Cannon's pit, I made a beeline. I missed him several times, but I finally caught up with the champ. We hit it off immediately. What a super, down-to-earth guy. During the weekend, we talked about IHRA rules, ANDRA rules, baseball, cricket, and the possibility of him and several other Aussie Top Doorslammer guys coming up here to participate in a few IHRA races next season. If only those rules will settle down long enough so that they are the same when the Castrol '57 Chevy comes OFF the freighter as they were when it was loaded ON the freighter! Victor got a few constructive meetings with IHRA boss Bill Bader. I hope this comes to pass! I also got to meet Troy Critchley, who ably represents the Ford contingent down under with his 6.  40 Customline! Also cruising the pits, hoping to travel all the way East (if only those rules will settle down) was British Columbia racer Glen May, whose "Cranberry Connection" was one of, if not THE, first outlaw Pro Mods over 220 mph. It was great to meet everyone. Victor and Marie generously gave me a Victor Bray Racing cap and team shirt, AND they made me another INCREDIBLY GENEROUS offer. More on that later! Anyway, my pal Greg Gage caught this nice shot of me, Marie, and Victor. This one means a LOT! See ya SOON! Bill Pratt/Draglist


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