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01 Sponsors, Partners & Friends

Combustion Chamber - Nitronic Research AA/FD 5 Second Club   

Recognizing the accomplishments of the first 16 front engine dragster drivers who broke the 5 second barrier.

Drag Strip Riot - Series 1 & 2 Drag Racing Posters!   

By popular demand Series 2 is now available-Series 1 on sale! Very limited quantities! Shot by renowned photographers Dawn Mazi-Hovsepian & Mark Hovsepian. Makes a great gift!

Show, Shine, Shag & Dine   

Organizer Nancy Wilson has and East Coast Drag Times editor Jack Redd once again will host the East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame and Show, Shine, Shag & Dine in Henderson, NC. The weekend event has a car show, reunion, and induction ceremony. It is a big event - don't miss it!

70s Funny Cars - Photos and info on 400+ funny cars of the 1970s!   

Funny car fans! The Draglist.com gang has taken on Jeff Thomas' awesome funny car photo and info site and has added several more pages. Flopper fans, rejoice!

Speedzone.com - Drag Racing E-zine   

Dean Murdoch's excellent Northwest Canadian drag racing 'zine.

Drag Racing Imagery   

Ted Pappacena's outstanding drag racing photos site. Lots of breathtaking, memory-invoking stuff in here!

Yahoo Groups   

With dozens if not hundreds of drag racing mailing lists, Yahoo Groups provides a teriffic service to the sport. (But dontcha love to hate 'em?)

Detroit Iron Motorhead Shop - Nostalgia Drag Racing & Muscle Car Art of Artist K. Scott Teeters   

The Detroit Iron Motorhead Shop features the nostalgia drag racing & muscle car parchment prints & blueprint posters of K. Scott Teeters. The HEMI Shop offers Hemi art, videos, books and flags.

Jungle Pam Rides Again!   

Great Jungle Jim Liberman and Jungle Pam Hardy photos, stories, and products, plus links to every photo and story on the 'net about Jungle Jim or Jungle Pam!

Competition Plus - Drag Racing's Tell-It-Like-It-Is Internet Magazine   

Publicist Bobby Bennett and friends have a winner here. STUFFED with an amazing number of news stories and features every week!

JETWEBB - Jet Powered Drag Racing - Links and Stories   

Outstanding! THE place to go for jet car information on the web (or ANYWHERE for that matter).

Combustion Chamber - Drag Racing Photos and Features   

Dawn Mazi and Mark Hovsepian's outstanding site features excellent photos, stories, and features with a slant towards nostalgia and classic drag racing.

Pro Mod Zone - Your #1 Source For All Pro Mod News!   

Here we go again! Yet another new address for ProModSource. Loaded with photos from pro mods all around the world, including outlaw associations. And a message board.

Bye Rodders - Doorslammer racing, lists, and results!   

Besides the info on their own '55 Chevy, the Lindgren Bros. provide lists of the quickest cars in Sweden, by ET, and provide a schedule and results of all the top drag events in Europe.

We Did It For Love - Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster Information, Photos, Video, and History   

Incredible! Fuel dragster veteran Don Ewald provides photos, identification, and history of fuel dragsters from 1950 to 1979. A truly remarkable tribute to the racers who fielded these ultimate expressions of drag racing machinery. Over 9,000 photos, tons of history, special collections, front engine dragster die-cast models, and much more.

Northwest Drag Racing - NW drag racing news and photos!   

This is a fun and informative site run by two of the nicest racers you'll ever meet. Worth a look!

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