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Danny's Corner

Kennedale Pro Mod Madness -- 5/14/1999

By Danny White

The monthly Pro Modified race was held May 14 at Texas Raceway in Kennedale, Texas. Eleven cars vied for the open eight-car field with two sessions to qualify.

Gaylen Smith in the Texas Bounty Hunter 94 Camaro was number one with a 4.408, 155.67 run. Chassis builder Nathan Martin took the Stove Parts 97 Firebird to the number two spot with a 4.508, 155.74. Jamie Satterwhite ended up number three in the Satterwhite Racing Cold Bear III 69 Camaro with a 4.510, 154.75 pass. Grant Hensley was number four in the G-Force 92 Trans Am with a solid 4.570, 155.09 pass.

Jim Brooks in the 97 Lumina that he aptly named Big Jim ran a 4.613, 142.95 to qualify fifth. Phillip Vallair ran a solid 4.734, 152.52 in the Black Bat 81 Camaro for fifth. Ricky Toms ran 4.790, 147.25 for seventh place in his 92 Camaro. The person on the bump was Tommy Adams with a 4.810, 144.81 in his 69 Camaro, a car in its 31st year of racing!

The first alternate was Brett Hasara with a 4.962, 116.86 in his blown 92 Lumina. Pat Edwards was second alternate with single shot 5.460, 131.46 in his 88 Corvette. The final alternate was newcomer Kenny Duke in Marty Neely's old Camaro with a 5.461, 99.07 shut off pass.

The first round was to kickoff at 10.30 but what could best described as a sandstorm halted racing for well over an hour. The first pair was Jim Brooks versus Grant Hensley. Brooks slept on the light and was beaten by Hensley's deep staging 4.629, 146.96 to Brooks quicker 4.540, 153.00. Jamie Satterwhite took out Phillip Vallair with a good 4.460, 152.90 to 4.691, 152.66. Nathan Martin ran 4.502, 156.22 to cover the 4.812, 147.99 of Ricky Toms. Ending the first round was Gaylen Smith winning with low elapsed time of the night 4.358, 155.13 to beat Tommy Adams shutoff 8.145 54.75 due to water getting under the tires.

The semi finals opened with Jamie Satterwhite racing Nathan Martin. Satterwhite won with a super 4.440, 158.61 to Nathan's consistent 4.507, 155.88 run that was disqualified when he took out the center foam blocks at the finish line. In the second pair, Gaylen Smith ran a solid 4.375, 157.87 to beat Hensley's best ever run of 4.499, 156.79. The race was closer than the numbers appear with Smith winning by four hundredths due to another Hensley holeshot.

The final was a battle of cousins Smith and Satterwhite. The race was awesome with Satterwhite taking a super.415 reaction time to Smith later.512. Smith had to peddle during the run and broke the blower belt near the finish line. Satterwhite ran a consistent 4.470, 158.25 to beat Smith's 4.456, 148.09. The win was Satterwhite's second ever and his first at his home track, Texas Raceway.

Danny White


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