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Danny's Corner

Friday the 13th for Texas Pro Mods -- 8/99

By Danny White

On Friday the 13th, Texas Raceway held their monthly Pro Mod race with good luck for some and bad for others. A large field of 16 cars was on hand with 14 of those able to get in qualifying runs. Landon Jordan returned to Texas Raceway for the first time in three months with a vengeance. He debuted a new name and paint job for car owner Ray Brooks called Jokers Wild. Jordan was able to take the first qualifying spot with super 4.208, 169.09 that wowed the fans. Nathan Martin in the Stove Parts 98 Firebird took second with his best ever of 4.291, 166.17. Gaylen Smith in the Texas Bounty Hunter 94 Camaro got the third spot with a pedaling 4.430, 160.17. Jim Brooks in the Big Jim 94 Lumina came in fourth with a 4.461, 159.66 pass. James Satterwhite took the fifth spot in the Satterwhite Racing 69 Camaro with his 4.478, 160.00 run. J.R. Sandian made the long trip from Kansas and ran 4.580, 151.80 in the Bad Attitude 70 Chevelle. Eliajah Burgson, better known as Thriller, got the Freddie Taylor 68 Camaro into the field with a 4.758, 150.50 for seventh. Longtime racer Willie Frank Mitchem took the final spot with a 4.780, 155.05 in his N2 Win 92 Camaro.

The first alternate spot was taken by Ricky Toms with a 4.799, 144.60 in his '92 Camaro. Last month's winner Wayne Barlow was the number ten qualifier with a 4.828, 147.86 in the Eagle Towing 81 Camaro. Corky Daily was number eleven with a one shot 4.956, 138.55 in the Bracket $ Daily Beretta entry. Nick Williams ran 5.09, 133.50 for the twelfth spot in the Don Wadsworth blown 68 Camaro. Pro 5.0 racer Doug Mangrum was number thirteen with a troubled 5.476, 141.46 in the Bob Utter Ford 98 Mustang. The usually hard running Scott Herzog broke on his only pass with a 6.167, 87.88 in the Herzog Racing 88 Camaro to end fourteenth. Also in attendance was Buddy Schultz in his blown 52 Chevrolet. He arrived too late to qualify but ran a 4.626, 148.95 to show his potential. Kenny Barnes was also hand with his 96 Cutlass after a couple years away from the Pro Mod scene, but did not make a run.

The first round started with James Satterwhite defeating Jim Brooks with a holeshot 4.511, 158.46 to Brooks better 4.480, 161.20. Gaylen Smith and J.R. Sandian got into a wild race with both cars all over the track. Smith came out the winner with a 4.487, 155.18 to Sandian's close 4.518, 157.45. Nathan Martin won next with a fishtailing 4.622, 140.60 over Eliajah Burgson's troubled 5.153, 137.59. Landon Jordan took on Willie Frank Mitchem in the last race of the first round. Jordan took the win with a super 4.222, 169.22 to Mitchem's broken 14.574, 41.55.

Nathan Martin won the opening race of the semis, defeating Gaylen Smith with a 4.336, 164.16 to Smith's 4.632, 127.49 when his transmission went away. The best race of the night came next with Jordan taking on Satterwhite. James Satterwhite slapped an amazing .402 light on Jordan, but Jordan powered by to a super 4.195, 170.45 to barely beat Satterwhite's best ever pass of 4.41, 161.90.

The final was a wild one! Nathan Martin took the upset win with a 4.310, 165.50 after Jordan crossed the centerline at the finish, taking out the center cones. Jordan stopped the clocks at 4.558, 126.73 on his disqualified run. The win was Nathan Martin's second of the year at Kennedale. The next race will be a two day 16 car Pro Mod race with $2500 to win on September 13 & 14, so be there!

Danny White


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