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Danny's Corner

Kennedale Pro Mod Madness -- 7/99

By Danny White

The Kennedale Pro Mod race for July was full of surprises, great performances, and a giant upset from a local racer competing in his first Pro Mod race. Eleven cars tried to make the elite eight-car field. The number one qualifier after two sessions was Jim Brooks in the Big Jim 1997 Lumina with a 4.493, 159.58. The winner from the previous week at Sealy, James Satterwhite, was number two in the Satterwhite Racing 1969 Camaro with a 4.493, 159.53. Scott Herzog in the Herzog Racing 1986 Camaro was number three at 4.572, 159.80. Pro Street racer Carl Silmon took some weight out of his all red 1968 Camaro and went Pro Mod racing. He ran a wild, crossed up in the lights 4.574 at 146.60 for number four. Grant Hensley in got in the field at number five with a 4.591, 153.57 in the G-Force Racing 1992 Trans Am. Willie Frank made a rare appearance in the N 2 Win 1986 Camaro and ran 4.760, 144.67 for number six. Pro Mod newcomer Corky Daily ran his best ever in the Bracke & Daily 1992 Beretta with a 4.803, 146.17 for number seven. Steve Torrance made his first appearance of the year in the Torrance Racing 1992 Grand Prix. Torrance ran his first ever four with a 4.911, 143.35 to qualify on the bump.

The number one alternate was Gaylen Smith in the Texas Bounty Hunter 1995 Camaro with a costly 4.942, 102.11. Several rods exited the block, putting Gaylen out for the night. Wayne Barlow ran 4.975, 127.29 for the number two alternate spot in the beautiful Eagle Towing 1981 Camaro. The last alternate of the night was Chuck Poindexter with an off pace 6.399, 106.15 in his blown Luv pickup.

The first round started with Hensley racing Silmon. Grant got the holeshot by eight hundredths and hung on for the win by a hundredth with a 4.609, 153.54 to Silmon's 4.547, 161.23. Scott Herzog beat Willie Frank next with a 4.490, 156.29 to Frank's out of the groove and on the grass run of 5.130, 108.70. James Satterwhite ran a solid 4.485, 156.81 to beat Corky Daily who broke on the line. Steve Torrance had a rear main seal leak and decided not to run, so Wayne Barlow was brought in to race Jim Brooks. Brooks broke a wheelie bar and wisely got out it to the tune of a 6.448 at 77.41. Barlow ran a 4.893, 144.16 for the win to end the first round.

Two local racers opened the Semi Final round with Hensley taking on Barlow. Barlow got out first and held on for another win, 4.861, 144.79 to Hensley's off pace 4.959, 138.37. Hensley broke the low gear sprag in his Lenco transmission, causing the off pace run. The next race was a wild one with Herzog redlighting away low elapsed time of the night with a 4.368, 164.80 while Satterwhite ran a consistent 4.460, 160.60 to win the round.

The final was wild but anticlimactic with the heavily favored Satterwhite taking on the first time Pro Mod racer Wayne Barlow. The race ended on the starting line when Satterwhite experienced a nitrous backfire, tossing the hood scoop off the car at the green light. Meanwhile, Barlow ran a 4.900, 144.27 for the wild upset win in his beautiful Hans Fuestal powered 1981 Camaro. The win was the biggest ever for Barlow. The longtime Super Pro racer at Texas Raceway was able to do it in front of friends and family.

Danny White

Denton Pro Mod Shootout -- 7/99
By Danny White

The monthly Pro Mod race at I-35 North Texas Dragway at Denton was held last Saturday night despite a late afternoon rain shower. The rain brought with it unseasonably cool weather which fans and racers both enjoyed.

The low qualifier at Denton was James Satterwhite in the Satterwhite Racing ‘69 Camaro with a last minute 4.59, 152.54 shot. The second qualifier was Jim Brooks in the Big Jim Lumina with a 4.66, 155.11. Scott Herzog ended up number three with a 4.74, 144.95 in the Herzog Racing 1986 Camaro. Corky Daily was number four with his best ever run of 4.76, 147.63 in his Beretta. Track points leader Gaylen Smith borrowed Steve Torrance's 1994 Grand Am to get into the field with a sashaying 4.99, 122.89 shut off run. South Texas racer Dennis Rodgers brought the River Rat north and ran an easy 5.02, 131.30 for sixth. Wayne Barlow ran 5.22, 133.00 run to get the beautiful Eagle Towing 1981 Camaro in the seventh spot. Tony Thorn got his Pro Street 1974 Nova down the track with a 5.29, 135.31 for the number eight spot.

The first alternate of the night was Chuck Poindexter in his wild blown 1972 Luv pickup with a 5.68, 123.29. The second alternate was new driver Bruce Layton in the Reco Machine "Trouble" 1992 Camaro with a troubled 6.37. The final alternate was Phillip Vallair who ran a first session 8.78, 53.44 in his own Black Bat 1981 Camaro, leaving it broken for the evening. In the second session, he borrowed the Bad Gee 1985 Camaro but it broke on the line.

The first round began with Gaylen Smith and Corky Daily facing off. Smith got the holeshot but Daily got him on the big end with a 4.98, 142.41 to Gaylen's close 5.05, 133.38. Scott Herzog picked up the pace with a 4.53, 158.66 to beat Dennis Rodger's shut off 5.66, 58.15. Jim Brooks ran 4.73, 159.00 to beat Wayne Barlow's red lighting 6.00, 85.89. James Satterwhite took the family's Camaro to a 4.55 to cover the wild wheelstand shutoff 11.04, 46.40 run of Tony Thorn.

The semifinals had Satterwhite versus Daily and Herzog versus Brooks. In the first race Satterwhite went 4.59, 152.42 to beat Daily's 4.94 142.15. Scott Herzog wowed the crowd in the semis with near record run of 4.42, 164.11 to beat Brooks shut off 4.82 119.03.

The final was the best race so far this year at Denton. You had the multiple event-winning car of the Satterwhites facing Herzog, who had the record within his reach along with the $500 bonus that goes with it. The race was won on the starting line, however, with Satterwhite getting the holeshot and hanging on to win with a 4.46, 161.28. Herzog did get the new track elapsed record with an awesome 4.35, 166.15 -- his best ever run. The run took the track record from Gaylen Smith and his 4.41, but left the 168 mile per hour run of Jason Davis intact. The next Pro Mod race will be on the second Saturday night of the month, so be there!

Danny White


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