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Daily Update

What's New at The Drag Racing List

May 22, 1998 -- Hi everyone. Draglist.com has been updated with all new info from almost all races except for Englishtown (323 mph for Force -- WOW), a few points races, and some recent Aussie action. Also, any email updates folks have sent to ME recently have not been entered -- sorry. I will forward these to Danny to get them entered in a timely fashion. THIS old coot just can't seem to pull together the time anymore. We also radically expanded the amount of information displayed for each entry. This means more to browse (but it also means more holes in the information). Please check us out and provide corrections/additions if you can. We will have a search engine, an updated guestbook, and an updated mailform soon. Thanks for bearing with us! bp/drl

May 19, 1998 -- Hello, everyone! I just downloaded a megabyte of updates from Danny White and I am busy getting it compiled for upload to the website. We have everything except the recent action at Englishtown included! My goal is to have it up here before this weekend (when I'll be heading for the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a mini-vacation)! Thanks to Steve Collison and Drag Racing Monthly magazine for mentioning us in their July 1998 issue. Online drag fans: check out this issue of DRM for a great article on all the hot drag racing sites on the 'net! Gotta run, but look for new stuff in days! bp/drl

April 6, 1998 -- Hi folks. We are getting all the latest stuff in from Bradenton, Gainesville, and Houston. In the meantime, here are a few shots from Bruce Larson's USA-1 dragfest. It was an absolute blast, and I have lots of great detailed info to add to the lists as a result. Check it out on our Stories page.


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