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Daily Update

What's New at The Drag Racing List

September 7, 1998 -- Happy Labor Day everyone! I took this opportunity to take all of Danny's latest downloads and slap them into the lists. The lists are clean and MEAN! We have killed dozens of duplicate entries and we've added lots of new stuff. Check out the latest Danny's Corner for the story on a great Pro Mod show that took place THIS WEEKEND! Talk about your fresh results... Welcome to our newest contributor, Andy Marrs, who has provided us with computer printouts of EVERY RUN DOWN SANTA POD RACEWAY FOR THE PAST SEVERAL YEARS! Needless to say, our European coverage is about to undergo a radical improvement. I have to apologize again to our many email contributors. I now have 941 stacked up. Yes, you read that right. Working 14 hour days at work just hasn't let me do what I want to do with these. Once again, Danny White is coming to our rescue. Danny promised me this weekend that he will do 50 at a time until we get them all into the lists. So, THERE IS HOPE! Thanks, Danny. We also have all the stuff in the next paragraph to do. I am committed to getting these format changes entered as soon as possible. I check email every day, so drop me a line. See ya. bp/drl

August 22, 1998 -- Hi again. Still working like a madman on my day job, then staying up half the night playing Dracula while I work on the site. Problem is, about 2 a.m. I start to lose consciousness and don't get to actually save the changes to the site! Anyway, I have totally new links up today, and I have INTENSELY cleaned up the lists! I will upload them a little later today. Tonight is the Jet Car Nationals at MIR, and I will be on the mike there. Should be a blast. Oh yeah, Danny submitted a new "Corner" to me this week. I will try to get that up today as well. I have huge changes in the works for the way the lists are displayed up here. No details now, but as a teaser, I'll let you know that we are going to offer lists by continent, by eighth mile ETs, by "TRUE TOUGHNESS" (with the ETs and Speeds ranked RELATIVE TO THE YEAR THEY WERE RECORDED), and much more. The TRUE TOUGHNESS (definitely just a working term -- anyone have any good ideas for what to call it?) is going to be REALLY cool! I have not worked out the final program for it, but my initial look at it with Top Fuel put Don Garlits 1975 Supernationals winning 5.637, 250.69 as the best Top Fuel run in history, with Gary Beck's 5.69 from the same race in number two, followed by Garlits again. His 5.78, 247.25 from the Pop Hot Rod meet the year before ranks as number three. You get the idea. Now, imagine this for all classes! It will be a blast. More details soon. See ya!  bp/drl

August 13, 1998 -- Howdy, everyone. Another quickie. I just uploaded all new lists. They are CLEAN! Check them out. We killed a ton of dupes and removed a ton of misspellings. Plus we virtually eliminated those bothersome extra blank lines between the entries on the Alphabetical lists. Also, check out Danny's new "Corner," this one on one of MY favorite drag racing vehicles -- the Chevy on fuel! Still working on getting the search engine and entry form working. The guest book will come after those. Gotta run to work! See ya later! bp/drl

August 6, 1998 -- Hi! Just a quick update. Check out the new search engine on our home page! It just does the HTML right now, but we are trying to get it to search Draglist.com lists themselves. We will get it soon! Also, we have taken a swipe at Draglist.com Entry form. We need a few more days with that, however. We have combed through the lists and we have corrected hundreds of minor misspellings and plenty of duplicate entries. We will upload these files by this weekend. See ya! bp/drl

August 1, 1998 -- We got FrontPage 98 in! I am changing the appearance of all the pages. That is just the beginning. The real updates will start soon! An on-site search engine, the return of our guestbook and entry form, and much more! For one thing, we just promised the world (on alt.autos.sport.nhra) to create and maintain a page to promote all the heads-up match race events around the country (and world). We will get going on that as soon as we get some info. Hang in there with us -- things are gonna get good! bp/drl


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