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Drag Racing Picture of the Day!

10/31/01 - Happy Halloween from The Drag Racing List!
10/30/01 - Anita Nukes It -- Another Top Fuel Motor Bites the Dust
10/29/01 - Rance McDaniel in the Champion Speed Shop Nostalgia Fueler
10/28/01 - '68 Camaro Reaches for the Sky
10/27/01 - Got Brass? Blown V8 Drag Bike
10/26/01 - Chris Zynda's C/Gas '49 Chevy Pickup Truck
10/25/01 - Fuel Fish Story -- Jim Epler's Bass Pro Shops Funny Car
10/24/01 - Westerlund and Wing Fuel Funny Car at Night
10/23/01 - How to Wrap Your Car Around its Driveshaft
10/22/01 - Ron Pellegrini in the TV Tommy Ivo Four-Motor Dragster
10/21/01 - Jim Lytle's "Big Al" Allison-Powered '34 Ford in 1966
10/20/01 - Pulde and McGee Vintage Top Fuel Dragsters Pull the Chutes
10/19/01 - The Virginian Plymouth A/Factory Experimental Drag Car
10/18/01 - Paul Gill's Moduline Federal Mogul Funny Car

10/17/01 - Rat Infested! The World's Slickest Willys A/Gasser

10/16/01 - The Freight Train at Lions Drag Strip 1967

10/15/01 - Donnie Massey's Showtime Outlaw Fuel Altered

10/14/01 - High Roller Wheelstander Heading to the Bristol Bash

10/13/01 - What Happens When You Go 200 MPH on the Street

10/12/01 - Dezsoe Krivan's Euro Funny Car Flies the Stars and Stripes

10/11/01 - The Lone Star Longneck Fuel Funny Car

10/10/01 - Gary Scelzi's Top Fuel Dragster is Hot in Maple Grove

10/09/01 - Top Fuel Magic at the In-N-Out

10/08/01 - Mike Janis's World Champion Pro Mod Corvette

10/07/01 - California Chargers Fuel Dragster Header Flames

10/06/01 - British Fuel Racers in the '70s

10/05/01 - Larry Christopherson's Nova Fuel Funny Car

10/04/01 - Garlits and Muldowney Get Big Flames at Indy

10/03/01 - Look Closely, It's a Crosley -- John Batto's Blown Altered

10/02/01 - Chevy Powered Dodge Dart Gets Big Air

10/01/01 - Steve Evans, Before the Microphone


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