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Desperately Seeking (10)

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

Clare Sanders is Desperately Seeking the Limefire Funny Car

I have never been able to find any clues as to what happened to the LimeFire racer. Last I had heard was that it was being "driven" by a Floridian named Bob Fulp (back in '69), who never could get up the nerve to really leg it down the track. So it never ran well under his hand and finally disappeared. If anyone has any clues as to the car's whereabouts, let me know...
Jungle Clare Sanders
http://home.att.net/~snahouston/jungle_clare_race_page.html Check out my site, soon to be really upgraded to some new-concept stuff.

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

I am desperately seeking a '64 Corvair drag car. My father campaigned the car in the late '60s to early '70s. The car was sold somewhere in Indiana to a car dealership when I was very young (around '72 or '73). I have been trying to find it for the last four years ever since he died in '97. I plan to restore it. Here is a description of the car: it is a '64 Corvair flip top funny car. The frame was home made by my uncle (father's brother) and it was painted bright orange. The car itself is (was) painted Petty Blue (also known as electric blue). The roll cage extended through the top of the car. 

The front windshield is Lexan and the doors/hood/trunk are wielded shut. It is an all-steel body car. The rear wheels are basic steel rims and the front wheels were Halibrands. The motor was a 500 cid Cadillac with a six pack. On the side of the car, it said "Schizophrenic." If you have any information on this car, please e-mail me and let me know. I need to find this car. I have documentation on speed records set locally and in Florida. Please contact me by e-mail if you have ANY information...good or bad. I am sorry; I have no pictures scanned yet. When I do, I will send them. I DO have plenty of pictures of the car. My address is WlfAngl@aol.com

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

Back in 1965, I built a fiberglass reproduction of a '23-T Pickup and named it the "Topless GoGo." It was powered by a 390 inch Ford Interceptor engine and was painted Royal Blue metalflake. I showed it four times and won four best of shows, all in Arizona. Then I sold it to a car dealer in Oklahoma. I would love to see it today and possibly purchase it back. If you can get me any leads would appreciate it. Phone # is 817-594-7439 and name is Wes Mickle. E-mail is Vannybar@aol.com


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