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Desperately Seeking (7)

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

I'm currently just beginning my search for any of the Golden Nugget cars that were owned and raced by Ron Potter from Cleveland, Ohio. One was a Don Long chassis front motor dragster that was run in T/F in '70 and '71 (possibly two different cars). The other was a '72 Mustang AA/FC that he ran in '72 and later crashed in early '73 in Lakeland, Florida.

My interest stems from the fact that while only a 16 year old kid, Ron allowed me to crew with him during the summer of '72 on the F/C. I've been involved with drag racing ever since! Right now I'm in my third season with Mark Pawuk, working on his Pro Stock. I lost touch with Ron and his wife Renee about a year after his crash. Any information about Ron, Renee, the whereabouts of any of the cars, or their history would be appreciated very much!

Thank you,
Paul Lavoie
(330) 542-0352 home
(330) 659-0990 shop

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

NITRO JOHN here. I am looking for a DONOVAN DEEP OIL PUMP.

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

WANTED: Competitive car to drive at the big September ATCO, NJ, nostalgia S/S Spectacular meet and other races if necessary/possible. I can help obtain bookings, publicity (magazine coverage) and possibly sponsorship for the right car. Experience in Super Stocks, Altered Wheelbase cars, Wheelstanders, flip top body funny cars and pro stock cars.

A short list of some of the cars I have owned and/or driven beginning in the early pioneer days of the "Run What Ya Brung" era are the former Hayden Proffitt Chevrolet Z-11 Bel Air Aluminum nose bubble top, a series of F/X "Sad Sack" cars including the 65 Falcon built by Hubert Platt and the 65 Chevy II 2-door Sedan "Sad Sack" driven by Dickie Harrell to complete the 65 season until his new 66 AWB Don Hardy Chevy II could be completed. Also, I drove the Fugitive II Corvette Wheelstander and numerous funny cars. 

My cars and racing accomplishments have been pictured on the covers and in numerous publications such as Drag News, National Dragster, Drag World, Tach Magazine, Drag Racing and Super Stock magazines in addition to many others. If anyone is interested or knows someone who would be, please contact me.

Tommy McNeely
(903) 342-3198

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

Desperately Seeking the Boss Hoss Funny Car. Photo thanks to Daryl Huffman
Desperately Seeking the Boss Hoss Funny Car. Photo thanks to Daryl Huffman 

I'm trying to help my friend Brian Hatton locate his dad's old funny car, the "Boss Hoss." It was a 1965 Mustang coupe with an extended front end. It was painted yellow and gray and powered by a 427 SOHC. The car was campaigned by Paul Hatton and Paul Stefanski. The car may have gone to Flint, Michigan. Also looking for home movies and original photos of the Boss Hoss, Pete Gate's Gate Job Comets and Cougar and the 1969 long nose Mustangs of Wayne Gapp and Drake Viscome. You can E-mail me at gatejobcometsohc@bright.net Thank you.


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