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Drag Racing Columns & Features

Drag Coverage from All Angles

Draglist Notes! What's New at The Drag Racing List - Here's where I let you know what's going on with the site. Now and then I also throw in a comment or two on the state of drag racing or a cool upcoming race we'll be attending.

Danny's Corner! Results and commentary with a Southwestern kick! - Danny's wry observations and old fashioned race reports have entertained us for years now. Danny loves outlaw Pro Mods, and he spent the better part of two years chasing the Texas Quick 8 Association from track to track in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. TQ8A results are well represented here. Danny also has penned several fascinating articles, from Fords on Fuel, to the various names people give their race cars in The Name Game. Get ready to spend some time...

Personal Best with Steve Klemetti - Steve Klemetti highlights drivers' performance improvements from event to event during the racing year. After nearly each event, Steve lets us know which drivers improved their performance, what class they drove in, the track at which their previous best was recorded, the actual previous best performance (ET or speed), the updated ET or speed, and the track at which it was recorded. In addition, Steve sorts the amount of performance improvement for each driver, so we can follow who improved by the most. 

PhilZone - Flyin' Phil Elliott's News and Views - Former Super Stock and Drag Racing Illustrated columnist and IHRA Drag Review Editor Phil Elliott provides behind the scenes news, analysis, and commentary on the state of the sport.

Hemi Hunter's Top Fuel Tales - Get a real taste of drag racing in the early '70s as Gary Peters, crewman and part owner of the famous Division 1 winning Chevy fueler, takes us on hilarious journeys into the search for nitro bliss.

The Hill Files! Jim Hill Explains the History of Drag Racing Technology - Jim Hill provides some great background on the origins of things we take for granted in drag racing. His detailed and informative column results from his superb technical prowess and a lifetime spent in motorsports.

Dornbos Reviews... A Hard Core Fan's Impressions of Modern Drag Racing - Doug Dornbos is great at getting behind the obvious at a drag race, noticing and reporting on the many things large and small that never get picked up in traditional drag racing reports. Doug's ability to communicate the "flavor" of a drag race provides for neat reading.

Millarkey! The legendary cartoons of Pete Millar! - Our late friend Pete Millar entertained drag racing fans for decades with his wacky, irreverent view of the fun, foibles, and frustrations of professional drag racers! Pete and his family have generously allowed us to show cartoon strips from his collection here at Draglist.com. Check out ALL our great Pete Millar cartoons.

Desperately Seeking - Descriptions or photos of old cars racers are trying to find. If you are looking for an old race car OR an old friend in the sport, check it out!

Southern Fuel Coupes - In 2002, Draglist.com was the title rights sponsor of the Southern Fuel Coupes drag racing circuit! Check out the results of the hot Funny Car, Supercharged Altered, and Blown Pro Mod action from Virginia to Florida!

Southeastern Gasser Tour - In 2002, we also signed on as the title rights sponsor of the Southeastern Gasser Tour. Check out the rompin', stompin', REAL Gas Coupes, Sedans, and Pickup Trucks that go any which way but straight!


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