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Hemi Hunter's Top Fuel Tales

Stories from the Baddest Chevy in the East

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11/01/02 - The Leak was no Geek

10/07/02 - Forty Second Street and No Ruby Keeler

09/06/02 - Billy Young, the Philadelphia Flyer

07/24/02 - Look! Up in the Sky! Flying Top Fuel Parts!

07/06/02 - From Little Things Come Giant Steps

06/26/02 - Parking in the Neighbor's Driveway

06/18/02 - Tales of the Piston Pushers Hot Rod Club

06/07/02 - The New Hemi Hunter Makes Its Debut

05/29/02 - Gentle Ben: The Tow Car, Not the Bear

05/10/02 - The Chevy Guys Buy a 331 Cubic Inch Hemi

05/03/02 - Blowers, Huffers, or 6-71s, They'll All Do in a Pinch

04/26/02 - Highways, Troopers, Dogs, and Frau Blucher

04/17/02 - Hanging Out at the Ritz Drive-In

04/10/02 - It's Alive! The New Chassis is a Roller

04/10/02 - Why and How We Did Things in the Stone Age

04/02/02 - Time to Work the Bugs Out: Top Fuel Technology vs. a Hornet's Nest

03/28/02 - Go Fly a Kite: A Story of a Drag Racing Showman

03/20/02 - Characters with Character: Dave Robinson and Charley Hill

03/10/02 - Cone Heads before Saturday Night Live

03/05/02 - Route I-95, Beer Breaks, and Moon Pies

02/26/02 - Polka Time: Roll Out the (Nitro) Barrel

02/19/02 - Here Comes the New Hemi Hunter!

02/12/02 - Save the Engine, Feed the Fish

02/01/02 - Trailer or Tuning Fork?

01/24/02 - Up to Our Butts in Gators and Heroes

01/15/02 - No Racing This Saturday: The Hemi Hunter Livens Up a Car Dealership Grand Opening

01/09/02 - Top Fuel Oil Burners

01/04/02 - Thursday Nights in the Nitro Garage

12/09/01 - Buying Parts with the Home Improvement Money

11/22/01 - Nitro Maintenance: Creepers, Darts, and Acceleration

11/17/01 - Nitro Drivers: A Different Breed

Special: Hemi Hunter Week at draglist.com

11/26/01 to 12/01/01 - The Hemi Hunter Story

Part One -- Nitro Intro!

Part Two -- "O" FAN and Drag Racing, Chapters 1-5

Part Three -- Chapter "RACE"

Part Four -- Chapter "Top Fuel"

Part Five -- "Champs and Touring Pros"

Part Six -- Gary's Reflections


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