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08 Dragsters - Sportsman


Amanda's Drag Racing Team was formed in July of 2000. After 9 years of junior drag racing Amanda is now getting ready to move up to an Altered. Winning many events, she has a very impressive resume.

Spence Family Racing   

Spence Family Racing nostalgia photos video movies clips parts news and friends.

Front Engine Dragsters   

A site supporting front engine dragster racers.

Barton racing   

Barton Racing Super Comp Dragster and 55 Chevy. Over 30 years of NHRA drag racing.

Exum Motorsports   

Activities of Exum Motorsports' Shell Rotella T Race Team, photo gallery, and highlights.

Yahoo! Rear Engine Dragsters Discussion Group   

For fans and drivers of Rear Engine Dragsters.

Laurie Watts' Front Engine Dragster   

Home of Laurie Watts and her Purple Slingshot dragster.

Yahoo! Rear Engine Dragster Discussion Group   

A discussion group for owners, drivers, and fans of rear engine dragsters to share photos, info, or just "bench race."


Amanda's junior dragracing team started July of 2000.

Capitol Auto Group Racing   

Top Comp dragster team.

Cottrell and Sons   

Racing team offers services to fellow racers. Check out their website for services and prices and a few pics of their cars.

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