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13 Drag & Auto Link Sites

The Auto Pages Automotive Directory   

Useful & interesting automotive resources. Covers a wide spectrum of auto topics, categorized by interest.

Drag Racing Canada   

Canada's drag racing directory - Canadian drag racing associations, tracks, photos, drag cars, links, and more.

Automotive Directory, Motors Information and Resources, Cars.   

IndexMotor.com is a motor and automotive directory on the web.

Avenger Racing Australia   

Alcohol Funnycar Racing in Australia. Sydney based Championship Supercharged Outlaw Team.

Racing Studebakers   

The last word in Studebaker racing, past, present and future

Topnitro's favourite video clips   

A nice collection of drag racing video clips from around the web.

Dragrace - Startkabel.nl   

What a fantastic page of links. Chock full of info. You don't have to be Scandinavian, but it helps!


Gene's Australian racing links.


The largest selection of generator, water pump, pressure washer, chainsaw, and lawn mower products at the lowest prices anywhere.

Club Hot Rod   

One of the coolest hangouts on the net. Forums, image galleries, classified ads, calendar of events, etc.

Norridge Street Racers   

Photos and news from a bunch of racing buddies from the late '60s and early '70s. Cars and photos from US 30 Dragstrip, Oswego, Lake Geneva, Union Grove, and Byron.

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